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Be the Change You Want to See in India

The world's 2nd most populous country on its 64th birthday stands on 128th Rank out of 149 countries as listed by global peace index. Is this something to worry about? Does the population have really sapped our progress? 

 Most of us will agree that around 2.5 million Indians in America are, in fact, the best educated and wealthiest minority in the United States. Leaving these 2.5 million aside we still form 17 percent of world's population which consists of different kinds of people. There are umpteen people in our country who embraces what India has achieved, they see India progressing and competing with developed countries, we can use word 'optimistic' for them and there are some who are too cynical about the country. 

Their role is just to criticize and doing nothing about its problems, their position can be compared with that of a backseat driver.

And in the last category comes those who are equally proud of their country and worried about its future but what sets them apart is their belief in term - "A solitary pea can burst the bowl" which means that an individual can make a difference alone against all odds and the best suited example lies in every Indian's pocket and that is the portrait of our father of nation as a source of inspiration for every citizen holding it.

Now its time that we as a young nation should spare a thought for the country, nurture strength of spirit to shield us in sudden misfortune and if we are successful in increasing the number of people in last category the sacrifice of our freedom fighters won't be wasted. All we need today is to ask ourselves a question - "How I can contribute to make the country better and repay the debt of freedom fighters?"

Find an honest answer in your heart and be the change you want to see in your country.

Jai Hind!


More by :  Ravi Prakash

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