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How can Human Perfection be Achieved?

Social Development

Globalization of economy of nations has started financial competition. Sophistication, comfort and luxury need more money to maintain.  Economic development at the cost of social development brings all ills!


Modern world by technological advancement has made civilized society.  Civilized world is a farce due to hunger, poverty, unemployment and ills.  Materialistic pursuit to become rich has made man into machine-beast-man!

Complete Education

Just economy, science and technology can't make society progress.  Knowledge of economy and technology can't make education complete sans humanities like literature, arts, history and religion anywhere!

Human Culture

Reforms are needed in education and governance to promote human culture.  Real civilization can be built only by fostering human culture from the start for harmonious human development towards perfection desirable and healthy.


Today's industrialized world society is heading towards dystopia only sure as was depicted by Aldous Huxley in his Brave New World to warn world and by George Orwell in his novels like Animal Farm and 1984 in 1930s itself!

The Waste Land

Technologically brainwashing the people as was envisaged by T S Eliot the world can be turned only as The Waste Land sans human sense and feeling driving the world to the brink of destruction with people having death wish ever!

Clash of Technology and Terrorism

Technological supremacy and terrorism threatening world peace as two forces opposing each other like the fight between civilization and fanaticism show very clearly underscoring the need for harmonious human perfect in society!

Cultural Advancement

To change people with indifferent attitude, insensible nature and inhuman mind only the education that kindles individuals to aspire for cultural advancement can enrich human value leading towards human perfection that has power to appreciate beauty and bring out truth in all to disseminate love and joy!

Best Way of Life

Culture only provides power to understand and enjoy best things in life like books, pictures and music connecting work and play into one piece and is the best way of life for best thoughts, talks and deeds in the world!

Human Perfection

In his book, Culture and Anarchy, Matthew Arnold says in detail that Culture lies in the love for and study of and pursuit of human perfection.  This is the harmonious expansion of all the powers that certainly make the beauty and the worth of human nature possible to realize in life!

Pursuit of human perfection is the pursuit of beauty and truth, and Hellenistic knowledge of Greek Classical beauty for achieving excellence in human nature and Hebraic idea of Jewish action of fulfilling will of God!

Human spirit behind all the great works of literature, arts, science and religion aims at the harmonious human perfection leading towards the development of all the sides of humanity, which is the job of human culture in the world ever!


Philosophy is the love of, study of and pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth.  Knowledge is acquired by hearsay, experience, reasoning and intuition and also, it is obtained by sense experience, mind, ideas out of impression and reason!

Perception and Conception

Mental stimulus is transformed into perception to conception or ideas; perception is disordered stimulus and conception is ordered perception; science is ordered conception and wisdom is ordered life in the world!

A Warning!

Education that does not provide philosophic touch and human culture but only civilization by science and technology will make the world a hell that destroys art, literature and Nature leading to the extinction of humans!


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