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Over 2000 years ago a Roman judge in the republic that was eventually destroyed, and which the US pretentiously has tried to emulate, uttered two words which even today should be the basis of investigative reporting and ultimately justice. The words were “Cui Bono” or who benefits and were uttered by Lucius Cassius. The equivalent American saying is trace the money. Until the stupid American public understands these maxims, it will be fooled by its politicians who mouth convenient, popular vote getting platitudes, while serving their campaign financing masters, whose agendas are diametrically opposed to general public welfare and are naturally selfish and self-serving. That is why the media, which are controlled by, and meant to serve the vested interests, hype the straw polls and even the Iowa polls which are mere indications of the money garnered by the candidate and its ability to tempt ideologically committed voters to spare the wasted time for a meal and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. The money accumulated for campaign chests is a clear indication of which vested interests want their candidate to win and reflect his or her hidden agenda.

This is why you hear the vague platitudes from Perry, who refuses to reveal any definitive plans on how to handle the economic or foreign policy and the equally vague vacuous statements from Romney, who is the Trojan horse for the wealthy. This is why Obama, the ultimate fraudulent hypocrite and liar, abandons EPA regulations, makes the banksters whole while ignoring troubled home owners, reappoints Geithner, Summers, and abandons Elizabeth Warren and prosecutes more wars and reneges on his promise to close Guantanomo. One needs patience, perseverance and rudimentary intelligence in the public to make a wise choice in elections, but these are sorely and conspicuously lacking in the American public, which is devoid of wisdom and judgment to eliminate the crooks constituting American politicians.

Take the scandal of US attorney general involved in facilitating the sale of illegal guns to Mexican drug dealers. Eric Holder, like most US officials was sleeping on the job or not concerned about the illicit traffic in firearms across the Mexican border. Like many other attorney generals of the US like Mitchell in the Nixon era, these justice department officials are criminals like their president Nixon and have brought crime into the White House and deserve to be in jail. And just like Clinton, who bombed Iraq, Sudan and other places to distract attention from his perverse folly of getting a blow job in the oval office, Holder is probably concocting a story about Iran to cover his rear end with the full connivance of Obama, the phony Democrat president without any integrity.

The Iranian theocracy is mentally deranged but in no way dumb. They remind me of an old joke about a psychiatrist (US government) and an inmate of the lunatic asylum (Iran government). Apparently a psychiatrist was driving his car along a road when one of his wheels fell off and the nuts and bolts fell into the river by the side of the road. The psychiatrist was in desperate despair and sat down in resignation when he saw a bearded and unshaven individual doing pull ups on the wall on the other side of the road and laughing hysterically at the same time. The psychiatrist was puzzled and asked the exercising man, obviously an inmate of a lunatic asylum, why he was amused. The crazy guy said, “why don’t you fix the car and move on”? The unthinking psychiatrist said, “how”? The inmate jumped over the wall and said each wheel has four nuts and bolts, you have lost those on one wheel. All you need to do is to take off one nut from each of the remaining three wheels and use them to fix the fourth wheel and drive on. The psychiatrist (US) said,”Gee whiz, why didn’t I think of that”? The lunatic replied,” Mister, I am crazy, but I ain’t dumb”.

So let us consider this stupid Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador. Iran has nothing to gain by such a stupid plan. All Saudi officials are mere dummies whose every word of speech is controlled or articulated by the ventriloquist princes or king. They are of no political or any other value. Why would the Iranians who have always been the smart ones responsible for the progress and advance of the Islamic civilization and history, do something so stupid? And to carry the idiocy further, why would they send 100,000 dollars to the US via an Iranian bank, when they could transfer the money through banks in the UAE or Pakistan, which our friendly terrorists whom we earlier financed and taught, routinely do. And would they pick a used car salesman loser to be their agent? He is obviously an insecure failure, desperately trying to achieve importance by broadcasting his status and implied connection to some unnamed Iranian in their guards, just like our top social climber Obama.

The US has no proof of any clear connection to anybody in Iran. There is more proof to connect Obama to arbitrary assassinations than to connect the Iranian government to this insane and asinine plan. For those unfamiliar with etymology, the word assassin in English derives from Hashishin, a cult of Shiite Islamic radicals. On merely that basis there are far more Hashish (Cannabis) addicts in America than in the Middle East today and some of these assassins occupy the justice department and White House and use drones.

It is far more likely that by applying the “Cui Bono” principle, the US is trying desperately to improve its alienated relations with Saudi Arabia after its decision to veto the Palestinian state at the UN. Other possibilities are to divert attention from Eric Holder’s fiasco of gun sales to Mexican drug cartel, like Clinton’s bombing and cruise missile attacks to distract public attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Even Israel’s or AIPAC’s desire to prod America into attacking Iran is more likely than Khameni or his cohorts picking a loser and a lose cannon to carry out a terrorist bombing which is not only of no benefit to Iran, but positively likely to hurt it if undiscovered, and catastrophic, if discovered. So all this tamasha is a desperate face saving manoeuver by Eric Holder and shameless Obama, in the style of his shameless predecessors “W” and Clinton.

Finally, applying “Cui Bono” to the recent republican debate should tell any thinking American, whose cause each of those candidates is espousing and whose ox they intend to gore. Oh, but a thinking American is rarer than a virgin sturgeon from which we get caviar and why it is so rare and costly. Americans rely on their congress which consists of idiots, but I apologize for repeating myself is what Mark Twain said when he proclaimed, “Suppose you are an idiot and suppose you are a congressman”.


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Gaurang Bhatt
19-Oct-2011 07:01 AM

Comment Dear Praful, Until we wise up we will be exploited by crooked politicians. There is no earthly reason to vote for the Democrats or Republicans, who are both the trojan horses of moneyed interests. It would be better to try out any independent or Green party candidate for Congress. The press which is totally controlled by the vested interests anoints Perry who is either too smart to offer any idea or devoid of any like the governors of Texas for the last 20 years if not more or Romney, who publicly implied, he is for bailing out the banksters again in the coming market meltdown. His lying pretext is that the first time it was done to save the dollar which has sunk and the actions of the Fed and both House and Senate are sure to sink it again in a year if not sooner, as the super committee will either reduce the deficit or it will be reduced by 1.5 trillion dollars over 10 years. What is needed however is a reduction of 1.3 trillion dollars in the budget over each year or thirteen trillion dollars over ten years. The US will go the way of Britain, the third rate power suffering the delusions of grandeur like a terminal patient with General Paralysis of the Insane, a form of tertiary Treponima pallidum disease ( for those without your technical knowledge), and eventually settle at the bottom of the bottle, like Greece. See Noam Chomsky's (zmag.org)suggestion on holding town meetings for deciding the citizen's agenda and then inviting the election candidates to agree or disagree and defend their position regarding the people's agenda instead of the stupid straw polls, caucuses, bogus debates and current town meetings. As to India, Hindu Dharma as practiced, is a form of bribery. Combine that with hunger, poverty and ignorance and what can you expect? Occupation will do nothing. Look at the critical media response to it while lauding the same done by tea partiers. The story of life is that of the Hindu myth of Dhruva. "Jo baap naa kholaa maa besvu hoy to maare petey janam levo to, mari shokya na petey nahi". As his stepmother told him,"If you desire to sit in your father's lap, you should have been born out of my womb, not in your unfavored mother's".

Gaurang Bhatt
19-Oct-2011 06:37 AM

Comment And suppose you are the voter.e do vote for idiots here and in India,perhaps b/c we dot know what else we can do. May be occupy!

praful amin
17-Oct-2011 23:55 PM

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