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My Secret Diary - Part Two

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I looked at my 'Secret Diary' once again, very affectionately in order to update all entries. It will be a part of my autobiography I whispered to myself. If Khushwant Singh can still be so intellectually alert at the age of ninety two, and write with such acuity and alacrity why not me? I will produce my Magnum Opus I declared. But a voice said, you better do it fast, you are already fifty five.

I looked at the entries with a view to edit them:
  1. I will keep on writing till my last day. I will not only write poetry, prose and short fiction, I will experiment with all the genres and write catchy 'Proems' that is a cross breed of prose and poetry. I will write my autobiography where I will recount my chequered career, highlighting the fact that I failed twice in school, to prove the 'Failures Are The Pillars Of Sucess' theory.
  2. 2 I will start an NGO, because that is the trend, to catch up with the times. Who knows there might be some fortune there waiting secretly to be used. The NGO will be named: 'Stop Not Till You Succeed - The Best Motivational Thought'.
  3. I will write my own blogs everyday, so that I am known as a writer activist and known for Advocacy of all causes from IPL to BPL.
  4. I will desist from any political actions, no political support, only individual support - to myself.
  5. I will open an 'Old Age Home' - For myself.
  6. I will support the cause of all cricketers in the country - so that they can become richer, enter politics, be awarded the Bharat Ratna, and the others can become poorer.
  7. I will be a Citizen Journalist, the first in my home town, and one of the last in my country.
  8. I will support corruption, and fight to legalize it - can't beat them, join them.
  9. I will go for an audit of my NGO periodically, I will audit myself. 
  10. I will be a spiritualist and god-man, and will stash away some money exclusively for this purpose, in the temple which I will construct.
  11. I will fight to introduce reality shows in all school curriculum. Since I am an educationist this will be on the priority agenda.
  12. My Secret Diary will be published so that it does not remain a secret anymore, so also that friends and well wishers can emulate my life story.
  13. I will fight for transparency in politics by asking all politicians to make power point presentations periodically to show their progress. These are my latest entries, I will soon update them and send them to 'Outlook Magazine' for possible publication, with a cartoon of myself.


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