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Kissa Kursi Ka

Today , with so many politicians being claimant for the post of Prime Minister, when India really needs an honest one, the Kissa Kursi Ka seems to be released again on the political screen of the country.

Kissa Kursi Ka is a controversial Hindi movie directed by Amrit Nahata.The plot that film revolved around a corrupt and evil politician, played by Manohar Singh, trying to woo personified public, depicted as mute and helpless looking (played by Shabana Azmi). The movie reveals the corruption in the system and the selfishness of the politicians.

The million dollar question today who is going to be the next Prime Minister after Dr. Manmohan Singh. But the more important one is “Who is not going to be the Prime Minister ?” 

So many names surface now, just incredible and amazing. Our country can be proud of a galaxy of would-be Prime Ministers although in reality no one will have the required support of the people and the party. The country has never seen so many claimants for the post of Prime Minister in the past. In recent times out of ten political parties, nine at least have a dozen of Prime Ministerial candidates. If the mid term poll occurs, then the picture is very much confusing in the opposition camp. There is the drama to be enacted which can be entitled ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’.

From Nitish Kumar to Narendra Modi every one is a claimant to the post. On the other hand, in the BJP itself, Modi has to contend with Sushma Swaraj and Advani himself. Among the NDA allies, there are still many more contenders. Some among the UP allies are secretly harbouring the desire of being the Prime Minister of the country, in what capacity, they themselves do not know.

There was one such situation when the CPI(M) got the chance of sending their candidate Jyoti Basu in spite of the fact that CPI(M) got just 10% of the total seats in the Parliament. Charan Singh became Prime Minister that way. But the situation has totally changed. Now with full majority, governance is impossible. A party getting a few seats cannot send a candidate for the post of Prime Minister. It is next to impossible and simply a day dream, if Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad , Mamata Banerjee or Jayalalitha dream of being the Prime Minister in the next Lok Sabha poll.

People do not want any more chaos. Enough is enough. Weak coalition is always enough excuse for rampant corruption which the UPA is telling people now and then. Weaker coalitions are not at all wanted. Now still there is time for the non-UPA allies to unite and the cohesive effort should be there to project one for the post of Premier unanimously. Otherwise, nothing effective will emerge. More instability of the coalition means more horsetrading and more corruption.

Politics has now become a game of money and muscle. We are tired of these things. If the opposition is responsible there should be a secular and honest forum for assembling all committed people to be at the helm of affairs after the next Lok Sabha poll. India is at the crossroads, not because the corruption is rampant, not because the FDI is in retail, not because the UPA allies threatens the government, nor because of other such major incidents to happen. The country suddenly has so many faces now which are being projected to be the Prime Minister of the country as if being the Prime Minister is the solution of all the problems.

To lament over the targeting of Dr. Manmohan Singh is not the subject of this article. Rather, after Dr.Manmohan Singh who will be on the hot seat of the Prime Minister of the new coalition at the centre - this question seems to be the more important one to be answered.

Well, Congress itself is divided over the issue. Rahul’s induction has certainly become difficult after the Congress debacle in U.P. The smooth transition of power to a member of Gandhi family from a non-Gandhi Prime Minister has not become possible. The country is now facing serious problems in economic and political fields. There are many able leaders among the Congress who can easily be sworn in as the Prime Minister.

Pranab Mukherjee had all the capabilities for becoming the Prime Minister. As he is now the President of India, apparently there is none to vie for the post of Prime Minister and Rahul is going to be sworn in very soon if the stormy situation following the recent reforms are over. Manmohan Singh is going to be the scapegoat for making the way smooth for Rahul’s coronation.

The old corrupted hags should go now. Let us ring out the old and ring in the new, not those greedy, avarious bunch of politicians any more who either in the power or outside the power circles lead the country from bad to worse. The country was looted by these politicians in power, but now the country is going to be on sale.

Who is there really to save India? Where are leaders like Jay Prakash Narayan who can fight without any political aim for offering a healthy and honest alternative to the country for ousting the Gandhi dynasty? There is not one, but many from Anna Hazare to Baba Ramdev, from Kiran Bedi to Arundhati Ray. But too many cooks will only spoil the broth. But Modi cannot be called the best choice for the next Premier of the country. It is still a kissa kursi ka.


More by :  Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee

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