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What do the Beginning and the End Say?

Heavy down pour of rain came accompanied by lightning and thunder and lashed for an hour in the town after a longtime in the night. The flashes of lighting and thunder trigged my thoughts to the primordial period. Like the terrible light and sound effect of the rain the world would have formed. Perhaps the earth and the other planets would have born out of the bonfire of the Sun and are rotating round the Sun ever since millions of years ago!

Fossil Evidences

May be the hurricanes, typhoons and the earth quakes are the fossil evidences of the coming dissolution, which the experts speculate to take place once in ten thousand years or so, when the change of place of the oceans and the mountains would occur. The lover of symmetry, Nature may like to have the beginning and the end in the same way. The balance of creation and destruction may go on improving the natural evolution to produce better beings of beauty and brilliance in the endless ocean of the Universe.

Nature, Art, Science

For Nature, Painting and Music there is no beginning and there is no end. Where it begins, where it ends nobody can guess! In our life alone there is a beginning and there is an end. The life of Nature or Art is long but the life of man is very short! But in the brief span of time what he does remains to tell his tale as if he is alive! He lives in his work of art ever but not in the world of reality anymore. By the repetition of the same theme Nature keeps alive its record for the opinion of the new comers! But man does not have this facility being a finite being and lacking longevity. Hence Art and Science he relies upon to do his best within his limit and transcends time.


Nature, like shuffling cards, destroyed many of man’s achievements; and man is playing the same game once again from the beginning! The fact is the game also has no beginning and no end. Nature has subjective interest in its creations; man has objective interest in his functions. The repetitive exercise of Nature is perhaps a practice for perfection. If man is for art for art’s sake he at once loses his objectivity and immediately there he becomes subjective and one with Nature. But, but for the possible perfection man cannot achieve perfection as Nature tries infinitely.

Nature and Man

Advanced ancient civilizations were destroyed by Nature and barbarians. In confirmation the excavations and explorations in the land and under the seas unravel many unknown facts. In motion, medicine, exploration and destruction man has advanced more than in the past. Nature, once the master, has become the servant now to man! Once Nature destroyed man’s advancement but now it’s the score of man!

Creation of Man Again!

Being a part of Nature can man survive destroying Nature? By destroying Nature by his inventions and discoveries has man advanced more than in the past? By his unwise advancements man is only retarding rapidly to the primitive stage. Nature, the mother of all creations is perhaps intending to create man once again from the very beginning! Then perhaps the activities of man could proceed in the proper directions! Perhaps the beginning has aimed one end but the end another beginning. So, if the beginning and the end are for one, everything may become perfect then.


More by :  T. A. Ramesh

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