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Can We Travel in The Past?

We can go down the memory lane. People write their memories. All our past memories are recorded in our brain. We trace them back. We can travel in past through our memories but can we travel in past physically?

After Einstein’s theory of relativity the space and time both have lost their absoluteness. We know that time and space both are relative, During Einstein’s time itself it was believed that we can travel in past. During 1920s and 1930s limericks were very popular.

“There was a young lady called “Bright” who journeyed much faster than light. She set off one day in a relative way. And arrived back in the previous Night,” according to a popular myth. In our mythological literature and yogic literature there are descriptions of traveling beyond the limits of time and space.

However the question is still unanswered whether we can travel in past physically? There is a paradox in this. Imagine that Jany is a 16 year old girl in 2003. Jany travels in past and reaches in 1963. She goes in a restaurant and meets her grandmother dating with her grand father before their marriage. Jany greets her grandmother the fiancée i.e. would-be grandpa. Knowing that his fiancé has a grand daughter Jany’s would be grandpa refuses to marry her grandma in 1963. Now the paradox is that if her grandpa and grandmother did not marry each other then how Jany’s mother and Jany herself were born? There is another way of looking at his problem. Imagine that a china clay cup is kept on a table. The cup falls and breaks into fragments and spreads all over the floor.
Some body had taken the picture of this incident by movie cameras. If the reel plays in reverse he will see that the fragment of the cup fly from the floor and gather together to form a cup. If it is possible to travel physically in the past we should be in a position to see such incidence. In that case even a human body consumed by flame after his death should be recreated back and made to stand alive.

The thermodynamic arrow always points towards the future in the universe i.e. traveling towards the higher and higher disorderliness. After the “Big Bang” all the fragments of the universe were flying apart very fast. If we can travel in past then the universe should gather together.

Sometimes we see the picture of a past star because light has taken years to reach us from the star. To this extent we can see the past in present.

Even though theoretically we can travel in the past but it does not appear to be practical as yet. It is a mystery how Indian yogis did it. They call it metaphysics.

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Comment The paradox is this if we were able to change anything in the past what would happen to the current timeline. Those in the current timeline would be unaware of the change since the change would be in their memory and so to them nothing happened. The one who caused the change would be aware of the change and would see the ripple effect. So to those in that timeline the person who relayed the change as mentally imbalanced

Rick Eldridge
02-Oct-2021 00:27 AM

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