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The Deep Plunge

Ok so, once in a while in our lives there comes a time where we need to decide whether to take that deep plunge or not, something that might change our lives for eternity or may land us up with another burnt hole.

This reminds me of a little story that happened when I was young. I was too scared to swim in the deep side of the pool. Every day while going to the sports complex, I would decide that today, yes today is the day when I will go to the deep side. This followed for a few days untill the coach literally pushed me into it. And, friends that was the day when things just changed. The very next day I was merrily swimming in the deep side.

I guess we don't get a coach every time to give us that little push. Sometimes are parents do it and other times our friends. But there are times, when we need to do it ourselves. I wonder why our behavior is based on some irrational fear, and when we very well know that ultimately whether we like it or not we will have to take that deep plunge. There is no escape from it as there is no escape from the deep side of the pool, as only then you can claim that you know how to swim.

So, I believe the sooner we get rid of our irrational fears, the more time we will have to cherish our decision. And, also going by pure quantitative point of view, no risk means no return. One has to take risks as only then we can hope to do something better with our lives. Friends, its always easier to sit on the fence, but we must experience the playground if we want our lives to be more fulfilling.


More by :  Anusha Badhwar

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