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John's Funeral

My cousin's funeral was one year ago today. John Brown was buried on June 8, 2019 at Meek Cemetery in Bean Station, Tennessee. I was unable to go to his funeral because I didn't actually learn about his death until June the 16th.

John did drugs and sadly, that's why he's dead. For any kids who may be reading, Stay away from drugs! John died at the age of forty-eight. While forty-eight isn't young, it's still too young to die. John should've had many more years to live. But because of his drug use, that wasn't possible. John started out smoking pot and eventually started doing worse drugs like Meth.

Around the end of his life, he was about to drive me crazy. He wouldn't shut up about borrowing money and he didn't want to repay what he owed. He was also swiping some of my pills. Because he was stealing from me, I called the cops and told them to tell him that if he came back to my house, I'd have him arrested for trespassing. But if I had known that he would die, I wouldn't have called the cops. Even though he nearly drove me out of my mind, I didn't want him to die. May he Rest in Peace.


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