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Positiveness is a power that is in every individual. It is in him, for him, deep down in his very being to be accomplished by him with his own efforts. It is like any other success accomplished as an achievement, a well worth trophy as a reward in life.
Success may be either way, visible or invisible. It is how you take it, how you feel about it. Does it make you feel good, really good about yourself or do you first feel good because you are successful. Going minutely into the depth of analysis one finds it too hard to make a judgment as to what success is all about. It is because of some scientific achievement, or writing a thesis on a research project, or for the best performance in a play or a film or it is for the best of the best achievements that says “You deserve this” that is so rewarding. It is thinking as to how you take it and this helps change our attitude.
Thoughtful thinking creates constructive attitude in the behavior which otherwise would deteriorate in the struggling waves of our daily life. The unconditional faith “that nothing can be destroyed with the worst of the efforts in the world,  that has been gifted to us by God. The rest of destruction was not our share. That is destiny” and cultivating a habit of living on daily basis, making the best of what one has is really very, very positive attitude of living in the will of the God.
This acceptance power establishes in us by developing and strengthening the trust and unconditional surrender while living in the canopy of God. Bye and  bye the link of positiveness is progressed to a spiritual level of understanding, a step towards self realization. This is again nothing but the out put of positiveness.



More by :  Devi Nangrani

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