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A Passionate Plea for Reinstating Slavery

Take the case of the previous colonies. A handful of Europeans conquered huge swaths of land and exploited the natural and human wealth of the countries and indigenous population. The enslavement of the Africans in the sixteenth century maybe ascribed to European military superiority but deserving of greater condemnation is the despicable collaboration by African chiefs in this dastardly deed, which cannot be whitewashed by liberal apologists. Far more pathetic and heinous was the subjugation and domination permitted by the teeming masses of Indians and Chinese with a richer society, by a handful of Europeans in an era when it took weeks for European reinforcements to reach the colonies to bolster the minority foreign tyrants. The Chinese debacle maybe partially forgiven as it postdated the Gatling machine gun and China is currently trying to remedy its past sins.

The Indians as also the Chinese and Africans have the excuse that their own ethnic rulers, because of greed, cruelty and injustice made the common people indifferent to who ruled them. The Indian subcontinent is on parole and may yet end up behind the bars of a new colonialism. Another interesting parallel are the American colonies, which earlier exploited the logistical difficulties of colonizing Britain and the numerical superiority of the colonized, but are now lapsing into such a voter apathy that they are unconcerned about which party or who rules them.

The Arabs have clearly no inkling, desire or understanding of freedom and continue to be a dominated by ruthless dictators and kings. They willingly permit the exploitation of their natural resources without any benefit to the masses. The Turks and Pakistanis are mere marionettes of their military and the Iranians too mired in theology to worry about life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. The Central and South Americans have already made economic and social regression their fundamental policy. The Japanese and South Koreans have made bowing their natural state and life mission. Britain like Jacob cheated of dreams of Rachel (read Empire) has sold itself to another generation of servitude.

Eastern European countries like jilted women on a rebound have attached themselves to another abusive spouse, for that is what humans do. They repeat their follies. A dominant and abusive spouse mellowed and weakened by time is gotten rid off, only to have another more dominant, stronger spouse with a latent tendency to abuse take the place. Generals reminisce about old wars, while preparing to fight new wars in the false security of outdated strategies like the Maginot line. Only the European Union seems to have the gumption of voicing an occasional dissenting weak whimper.

Evolution teaches us that individuals will pursue selfish policies even at the risk of extinction for the species. It is therefore wrong for Harry Belafonte to be disparaging of Powell, Rice or Watts, no matter how true his observations may be. What is truly inexplicable, is Edgerton and other African Americans, who march proudly from North Carolina to Texas, in favor of the Confederate flag. But then it is no more amazing than the blind unquestioning support of almost the entire African American community for the Democratic Party, instead of giving them a wake up call by supporting a third party or a candidate like Ralph Nader. Chameleon Gore is once again frantically changing colors to satisfy his egotistic hunger for power and desperate ambition to be the President

It is equally amazing that Hispanics and most Whites, who are not well off, vote Republican on the basis of coded anti-black statements, even though the Republican Party is hazardous and even lethal to their own economic interests. This altruistic self-destruction without benefit to even a next of kin is a tribute to their inability to understand their own good and a solid argument for restricting franchise and reinstating slavery this time for all colors.

In fairness and for purposes of full disclosure, I have to confess that I am toying with the idea of joining the Republican Party and have the goal of being elected its majority leader. I think there is nothing unethical about my writing the above or admitting that my nuclear family members, who volitionally terminated their higher education at the age of six and have no marketable skills or talents are desirous of becoming well remunerated lobbyists for companies, whose economic success is likely to be hostage to my vote. The last will be unbiased, impartial and brimming over with integrity as it should be, just like my unbigoted penchant for restoring slavery, burning crosses and waving the Confederate flag on the Fourth of July and love for pork-barrel projects and boondoggles.  


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