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After the new year bash is over, we will slowly become sober to support another social cause. Present culture is; without partying out and liquor consumption greeting new year is not complete.

Cheers with cheering words with liquor glasses in hand and touching them gently only is the elite way of celebrating arrival of new year. And then "enjoying" till daybreak , singing and dancing in pubs or at places of exotic surroundings together with elite men and women has been the norm of the day. This has become the sign of modern living.

Thus now a days many of us are not at home at home. Many are at home in places outside home, like, pubs, exotic tourist places and eating places. Many are preferring to neglect home life and are enamoured by "outside" attractions.

It has become culture and civilization to look down home and who strive to make house a home. People are not finding living at home a civilized living. The simple pleasures that keep us psychologically healthy are being denied to us by us.

The human touch is missing and gadget-philic and outside roaming at day and night has become a fashion. All homes are deserted and streets, pubs, outside locations became human pullers.

Inability to live at home is a psychological debility. Humans are psychological beings first and foremost. Better we renovate the habit of loving and living at home. It is wise and safe to be at home when outside works are over. Midnight roaming is not safe equally for women and men.

Truth is beyond our likes and dislikes. Truth is beyond our dictates. Truth is beyond our manipulations. Truth survives our deceptions wanton spread of falsehoods. We can not rule truth. Truth always rules us and makes us meek and submissive before its force and expresses itself against all odds. Truth is divine, transcends all limitations, deceptions and falsehoods. Before the brilliance of truth, everything pales.

Our nation and society seems to be solely right's conscious; and not at all duty-conscious. So many right's activists are available; but none to instruct about our duty towards nation, society, fellow human beings and living beings. A human being learns by imitation and mimics one's behavior observing around. Better we have useful role models and living methods which will be guiding and counseling in times of need. Let us include these in our education system again. The Panchatantra Stories, the Upanishads, The Ramayana, The Mahabhaarata, The Bhagavad-gita, though apparently belong to faith are universal books useful to every human being. When no role models are available during education process or in society except for cricketers, cine artistes, celebrities of all hues, the society will suffer from atrocities.

Merely expressing sympathy and solidarity is of no use. Empathy will not solve problems. And governments can not provide security to every citizen and citizens should use their discretion, cultural back ground, civilizational insight, common sense, intuition before venturing out and must know what is the real empowerment to women or men. It is definitely not freedom to roam in streets at midnight. Nights are there to sleep too. No one is safe either at day time or night, men or women if the criminal minded decides to strike. And majority of our politicians of all parties are criminal and corrupt sauvy.

We must also be aware of human animal natures and take care not become an easy prey to animal-natured persons. Popular expressions are not realistic guidelines.

Wish ancient Indian wisdom is used extensively in the formation, cultivation, nurture and termination of human relationships. Menorah women, none is safe before hardened criminals, corrupt politicians or animal-natured persons. Let us be realistic and deal things as animal nature versus human, humane behaviour; not as a problem between cruel men and sensitive and gullible women.

As long as crimes are divided as against women and men, the problem can not be properly tackled and solved.
All men are not demons and all women angels. Situations also create "animals". And the rest of us are innocent and vulnerable, whether men or women, belong to minorities, forward or backward caste or dalits. Let us not fall into the trap of NGOs, politicians and the like, to divide ourselves as these socially divided sections and ask for protection. It is wise, even now after the onslaught of "modern" ourlooks to be a family and ask for family related help and anything like that and just only as individuals, woman or man, this caste or that caste, this religion or that relition. We are all equally vulnerable to terrorists, corrupt people, fundamentalists, criminally minded citizens and let us ask for protection of all of us and before that let us take care of ourselves by knowing about our conditions.

Let us be aware of our limitations, rights and duties-cum-responsibilities.There are organizations to fight for our rights and pamper us. Where are the organizations to fight against our irresponsibility and dangerous deeds against nation and society? We are not fighting against corruption, fundamentalism of all kinds, pampering certain sections and communities of society vote bank politics.

There is no comprehensive planning and commitment for our well-being. Piecemeal sympathies and false promises by dividing citizens is dangerous and injustice. Who listens in this rush and greed for votes and power? The corrupt and anti-social became one and they are "ruling" society. Let us also behave with commonsense and responsobility.

We can't change manythings!
Stop caring about things you can’t control. If there’s nothing you can do to impact the person or the situation, then don’t waste your energy. There are so many important things in your life, in this world that you can affect. Focus on what you can change, where you can have the most impact, make a difference, and let the rest go.
We also we have our private lives to live - our family-, social-, professional-, religious-, spiritual-, in addition to fight against social evils. We have government, religious heads and the like to take care of those aspects. Daily some dastard things happen and heinous crimes are committed here, there or anywhere on the globe. To what we can spare our time?


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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