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Extinction and Nirvana

Nirvana, the Buddhist goal of all living creatures is synonymous with extinction. Many environmentalists and ecologists are lobbying for the endangered species act. While some of their ideas are worthwhile, many lack an understanding of evolution and recurring extinctions from the Permian to Jurassic, which wiped out many dominant and prevalent species from the Trilobites to the dinosaurs. The extinction of the latter was necessary for the rule of mammals and the emergence of Homo Sapiens as the roof and crown of evolution, to paraphrase Tennyson. While the benefits of this event are debatable from the point of view of the believers in the Gaia philosophy, I doubt that any extant human being would have preferred the other alternative. Thus there are beneficial extinctions.

That brings me to the case of four subspecies of humanity, which are profusely prevalent in India and America. The former has the unique geological distinction that it was attached to Africa and on the breakup of Gondwanaland migrated its tectonic plate to collide with the underbelly of Asia. This is why it has lions, tigers and elephants, together with a ring of the world's highest mountains along its Northwestern, Northern and Northeastern borders. They in their turn cause the pattern of monsoon rains and leave the Tibetan plateau without any significant rainfall. America because of its freedom of religion for varying sects of Protestant Christianity in its formative years and India for its belief in rebirth and the illusory nature (Mithyaa) of the current life, happen to permit the flourishing of these four subspecies of Homo Sapiens.

They are

1) HS Religiosa Ignoramus
2) HS Religiosa Pretentious
3) HS Religiosa Hypocritus and
4) HS Religiosa Corruptus.

Here is a case of parallel evolution leading to similar outcomes like the evolution of predator cats separately in North and South America prior to their connection by the Isthmus of Panama. Evolution of wings in insects, birds and bats and tail fins in sharks, bony fishes and mammals like dolphins and whales is another example.

In India the sub-group ignoramus constitutes a majority of the population as proven by worship of animals, chimeric gods and sundry goddesses of diseases that are clearly caused by viruses or bacteria and fulfill Koch's postulates. The philosophy of these ignorami is, 'Don't confuse me with facts, for my mind is made up'. Similar groups in America want to teach creationism in schools, while rejecting Darwin's evolution and believe in the Bible as gospel and await Rapture, Armageddon and the Day of Final Judgment The second group use religion to achieve a holier than thou status. They often make munificent charitable donations to achieve fame and gain applause, while being completely oblivious of their unethical means to acquire wealth and fame. Andrew Carnegie and other creators of Foundations fall in this category.

The third group consists of many diverse professions, but include the majority of politicians and leaders with the remaining of this class belonging to the fourth group Corruptus. The third group has no sincere or honest religious beliefs, but wear their faith on their sleeve as a display to fool the public and obtain power and wealth. They lack conscience and compassion, and without compunction exploit the ignorami to obtain their ends. Many American Presidents belong to group three for their crass hypocrisy. The last group is just plain venal and corrupt and use their positions to amass wealth and status or to improve their living standards. Many industrialists and CEOs in both countries and the bulk of government servants in India fit in the fourth group. I will leave it to the readers whether a just case can be made for the extinction of these subspecies for the greater benefit of the remaining humanity. This is not a brief for any genocide, but I think that the PETA approved vasectomy or tubal ligation should be put to the ballot by referendum! Another warning worth keeping in mind is that these subgroups are capable of interbreeding and sooner or later by statistical odds likely to evolve a super-hybrid like antibiotic resistant super-bacteria, to the detriment of the rest of the world. Much of the rest of the world is worried that the current US administration is close to achieving this breakthrough.    


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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