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SDD (Solipsistic Divine Dream) Theory

“The flaw in my UQV (Ultimate Questioner’s Vanity) theory tells me that I cannot be Kedar Joshi; I must be God Himself, who is asleep, and Kedar Joshi is nothing but His dream.”

“God, knowing perfectly each and everything about his creation, would be too uninterested in actually creating even a true philosopher. The latter must be nothing but the former’s unconscious imagination.”

“When Kedar Joshi will die, I will awake; for I am God, and Kedar Joshi is my dream.” 

“I am God; I am asleep; and Kedar Joshi is my dream.” (Variant)

“I am God; I am asleep; and I am dreaming Kedar Joshi and Kedar Joshi only.” (Variant)

“When Kedar Joshi is fully unconscious, say when he is in a deep sleep, it is in fact God who is in a deep sleep and is fully unconscious, incapable of dreaming anything. When Kedar Joshi is dreaming something, say X, it is actually God who is dreaming X.”

“I am God who is unconsciously imagining himself to be Kedar Joshi.” 

“I am not Kedar Joshi; I am God. Kedar Joshi is my mere dream; I am asleep.”

“I am God; I alone exist; and Kedar Joshi is my dream.”

“Man is God’s dream.”

“Man’s union with God is the same as God’s awakening from sleep.”

“Kedar Joshi is a dream of a thing that Kedar Joshi thinks to be a paradox.”

“God alone exists and God alone suffers. Evil exists because God is asleep and he is dreaming. God won’t be God without possessing free will, for then he would be subject to a higher mechanism. And with the power of free will, maybe God should not fall asleep. Therefore, maybe, God is morally responsible for his own suffering.”

“Maybe I – God – will not awake when Kedar Joshi will die; maybe I will start dreaming someone else; maybe the slumber will continue.”

“Perhaps God is always asleep; sometimes He is in deep slumber, sometimes dreaming, but never fully awake; for maybe God is a true paradox and therefore unknowable even to Himself.”

“Sometimes I think though that life seems too deliberate to be a dream. Maybe the UQV (Ultimate Questioner’s Vanity) theory is not incorrect.”


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