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Anti Corruption Agenda?

What is the India Against Corruption doing right now? What is its agenda, political or otherwise? What is the stand up of the party? It has proclaimed internal auditing, what progress has it made?

Instead of  seeing photographs of  its team members, let us see some concrete action, against also the charges made against some of its members. How does it react to the alleged tax evasion by Baba Ramdev?

The agenda should be crystal clear and a premise upon which to garner support, political, social or moral. What about the coal gate scandal? This group should insist on findings, regarding this, the famed Commonwealth Games, corruption in all forms including vandalism, killings based on ethnic lines, corruption in all state governments. It is easy to talk about corruption, not understanding its vast magnitude.

Can it  assure this? Instead of  making tirades against individual politicians and political parties, its one point agenda, cannot be simplistic, because it is not simple. Corruption in India is  hydra headed monster percolating all walks of life, including appointments, admissions, education and its monetization, capitation fees from wealthy students, which the poor cannot afford etc.

This agenda has to be systematically listed, and mechanisms defined. Assuming it does all this will it get support, because most of the population are corrupt? How does it view uprsings by anti corrupt forces, out to fight for a decent livelihood, such as the Maoists and allied forces? How does it view the menace of extortion? Once it has opened the proverbial Pandora's Box, it must work stolidly for its agenda, to get full fledged support.

Instead what it seems to be doing is to create a hype, and an excitement which appears like a wraith and short lived. What about the youth, how can it motivate them? It is only love for the country, which can save it of its ills, not fanning a psychotic hysteria. Let us learn our lessons now. How will it monitor evasion of  income tax, by business magnates? Can it promise us all these deals? Can it stop sycophants and fanatics to stop whipping up emotions on  fanatical and religious grounds?  Can it stop bloody criminalism by smugglers and boot leggers, or give a halt to FDI investments, so as to protect indigeneous rights, or the complicity between film stars and politicians, or unscrupolous business men? Can it make Corporate Responsibility, a part of  its national agenda?

If it can attempt all these a non entity like me will pledge full support.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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Comment I appreciate the way you look at things with objectivity and seriousness.

Bipin Patsani
17-Nov-2012 12:16 PM

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