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Technology's Addiction

Don't Run So Fast...
Today's people are much smart, tech savvy and mobile and facebook-oriented! virtual world attracts them so much that they are just running after screen, be it small be it large! They are in love with digital screen! Do you notice your wife in the morning? Answer is no! but you of course watch the "printed coffee mugs' on your mobile screen send by some xyz and feel happy...and your morning is good! Yes! Good! because you can not start your day with your partner with normal conversation! all your interest lies in your phone!

Rabindranath Tagore tried to say this in some way that Science has given us the speed, the velocity but taking our emotions! No one wants to stop! all men are after the fast world and they talk in screen ...the limited area...forgetting the real green world around us!

There are people in hospital, mentally retired, half retired, semi retired....autistic people and children, how they are surviving..and also live the common housewives with aged in-laws....How they are surviving without this sweet addiction of technology?....If someone is ill and can not hold a screen pad in his hand that means he is almost dead...is that we want to prove? The real world is real, you can touch it and sense it...and remember there are so many people who feel so neglected because of your "high tech" behaviour!
Notice what your wife wears in the morning, give her a compliment, your life can be more realistic...why to rack your brain after all the "screen honeys" ! At the end of the day you need to sleep like a child ...no mobile..no TV.iT'S Dreamtime!


More by :  Rinki Gomes

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