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Love rules money vs money rules love......

One fine day, over the coffee table in the balcony, gazing at the busy street, she clasped my right arm, leaned on my shoulders, rolled a drop of tear and half smiled to say that no matter what may come or go, i shall always be there with you and our love shall not die for the face of finances.

"You left me here all alone, I was so afraid", she hugged me and chocked up saying this. Didn't you miss me? he said. "Yes, of course, my days were colourless without you."

"You have come back after so many days, could we go out?" she asked. But he didn't have anything to take her out so he said, "I am tired sweetheart some other day."

"Its okay, tell me what have you brought for my birthday?"

He becomes sad and has no answer except to turn the topic to dinner.

Sometimes when she understands, there's a candle light dinner followed by the long awaited passionate romance of the night. But at times when she does not understand, the big fight flares up, no dinner, no love, no affection only words of harsh accusations, tears and a scene of helplessness proceeds, leaving both of them shattered, one in the bed and one in the couch.
These are two different scenarios where its the money and the mood of your lady that rule the peace of your life.
In true love its the faith and true love for each other which helps both the partners to accept each other for what they are and the conditions they are passing through. Yet such an emotional night or even a big fight for no reason are the moments which we will reminisce to laugh over another cup of coffee at our 60s.

So let them make your life more hap hap; happening and happier! 


More by :  Amrita Mallik

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