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Brief Travelogue of the Toronto Countryside

Imagine each day spurts out a surprise for you, you wake up in the morning and you know there are only happy moments in store for you....the pure breath of fresh air, the softness of sunshine falling through the windows, the rows of beautiful homes in a row, the stillness of silence, the morning dew on the bright green leaves and flowers along the pathway, these are the scenes I woke up each morning at Milton, Toronto.

The winding roads, the stud farms, the lush green plains dotted with green carpets called farms, the picture post card homes with sloping roofs and neat pathways, the scents and lingering aromas of vineyards, the sky looked pristine in its beauty with white cotton clouds decorating God's own courtyard... I could only see beauty unfolding in each step as far as my eyes could see, the Windmills, miles of corn fields, the lakes as large as oceans, it was as if God created this in one of his best moods and all this generosity from Mother Nature before my visit to the Niagara falls.

I knew I was in store for a huge surge of serendipity if I can call it so for the rest of my holiday. Canada is beautiful and so are its people. I suppose over a time when you witness such scenes of panoramic, breathtakingly beautiful neighbourhoods in your daily pattern, one tends to get soft and gentle. I witnessed the best that the country could offer for the chosen time I had ventured there, but I gather that the Winter needs more endurance.

I still would affirm that it was one of my best holidays and I would visit Canada again if fortune is kind on me.


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