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Following Tradition!

Following the tradition is not in the interest of the tradition. It is in the interest of the individual only. We can follow any path, strode or new according to our whims and fancies. But we must be very discrete before embracing a culture or way of life.

We need not follow tradition or the dictates (actually they are counsels) of it; or others, or others who do not know much but bother us with their unsolicited suggestions and the like; at the end it is the experience of elders and our intuition which help us in many intricate situations that we face in life. So we must not go away from tradition because it is mostly distilled wisdom.

Tradition is a derivative of experiences of many men and women through generations. Whatever are the changes outside (modern or anything), the humans remain same internally. The biology and physiology remains same. So we must think twice before distancing from something or someone or embracing something out of misplaced and little-understood insight.

Even our own likes, dislikes are transient, change with time and space. Our mind and heart though many times guide us well sometimes they are vulnerable to emotions and poor judgment of persons and situations takes place.

All said and done, we behave according to our nature which is unique to each person. The tradition or anything else is only a guide. We may take it or leave it. And we must take complete responsibility for the decisions we take and paths we stride; and be ready to face consequences all alone. All the best.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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