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Synopsis about India from 'The Legacy of Jihad'

While the caste system of India is a social evil, still pervasive and with dire consequences, it pales to insignificance, when compared to the sanction of slavery by Christianity till the nineteenth century and Islam till the twentieth century. Both these religions institutionalized and sanctioned slavery. Islam with its Jihad and Christianity with its Crusades are responsible for drenching the pages of history with blood and wanton cruelty. The spread of Hinduism and Buddhism in contrast are peaceful and civilized. What follows are some historical facts that the lying history textbooks of the British era and the present leftists and Hindutva fanatics skip and ignore, to the detriment of national unity, knowledge of truth and understanding of past mistakes.

The book is edited by Andrew G. Bostom, MD and the chapters on India are by Professor K. Lal.  

In 711 CE, Muhammad Bin Kasim was sent by the Caliph to attack Sind. Prior attempts had failed. He captured the fort of Rawar and killed the remaining defenders, put to the sword thousands of others and captured nearly thirty thousand, who were enslaved. There is an apocryphal story of the two Hindu princesses who were sent to the Caliph's harem. They allegedly used the subterfuge that they could not dishonor the Caliph, as they had been ravished previously by Kasim. Muhammad Bin Kasim was recalled by the Caliph for this insult sowed into a sack and assassinated by the monarch. Over time Sind remained under Arab Muslim rule which was extended to Multan with the same slaughter, plunder, ravishing and enslavement.

In 870 CE, Rusal, the Hindu king of Kabul who had been harassed by Yaqub Ibn Layth, received a message from him for a meeting for truce. The foolish and trusting king like Vajpayee (Lahore visit followed by Kargil) and Manmohan Singh (appeasing Musharraf at the non-aligned summit in Cuba followed by the Samjhauta Express bombing) met unprepared with Yaqub. He was assassinated, his army decimated and his people enslaved. The Taliban blowing up the Bamian Buddhas, the destruction of the Shiva statues of the Kabul Museum and freeing of the Indian plane hijackers, proves that nothing has changed in over a thousand years.

Subuktigin and his successor Mahmud of Ghazni attacked Lamghan, Thanesar, Somnath, Peshawar, Kashmir, Waihind, Kanauj, Sirsawa and Mathura. To avoid the harsh winters of Ghazni, almost every year Mahmud attacked, plundered and ravished some city in India, to gather booty and slaves. The rivers ran red and the waters became un-potable due to the blood of slain Hindus. Some like Jaipal and Anandpal of the Hindu Shahi dynasty of Kashmir fought valiantly and lost. Jaipal was paraded naked in the slave bazaar and ultimately ascended his funeral pyre alive, to self-immolate himself in penance. Other kings like Kala Chand of Mathura and Bajrao of Bhatia committed suicide after running away. Still others like Trilochanpal and Nanda just ran away.

This is the history taught to Pakistanis and that is why they brag that one Pakistani soldier is worth ten Hindu Indians, despite Pakistan's defeats in 1947, 1965 and 1971 in wars with India.

Each of his raids netted a million or more gold dinars and tens of thousands of converts and slaves. At one time he returned to Ghazni with over two hundred thousand slaves and one of his courtiers remarked that the streets of Ghazni look like India because of the large Indian slave community.

In 1192 CE, Muhammad Ghori attacked Ajmer and killed a hundred thousand Hindus. The foolish chivalry of Prithviraj let him escape and he eventually defeated the Hindu king and carried on with looting, conversion, rape and slaughter. The failure of Indira Gandhi to force terms on Bhutto after Pakistan's defeat in the Bangladesh war and settle the Kashmir problem led to the present insurgency there.

Alauddin Khilji in 1298 CE attacked Cambay and other cities of Gujarat and took nearly 20,000 women as slaves. Later he attacked Chittor with the same result. The Tughlak dynasty carried out the same program under Muhammad, Firoz and Ghiyasuddin. Earlier the Buddhist viharas (monasteries) and universities of Bihar were destroyed by the Turks with murder, conversion and slavery. The Turks vanquished Malwa, Gujarat, Ranthambor, Siwana, Jalor, Devagiri, Warangal, Malabar and Rameswaram in the same pattern. Between 1397-1399 CE, Tamerlane of Samarkand invaded India and put 100,000 citizens of Delhi to the sword and killed nearly 200,000 in other northern Indian cities. Even under the Moghuls, only Akbar showed some tolerance, but Babur against Rana Sangha and Aurangzeb in the south carried out destruction against Hindus and Sikhs. In 1565, Sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur indulged in the same atrocities against the Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagara. In 1761 Ahmed Shah Abdalli of Iran plundered Delhi, killed and burnt alive thousands of Hindus after defeating the Marathas at Panipat and carried away huge riches, slaves and the Peacock throne (now in Tehran).

As late as 1921, the Moplah rebellion in Kerala led to the rapes of Hindu women, murders of thousands of Hindus and the desecration and destruction of hundred Hindu temples because of their insane belief that killing infidels will ensure a Muslim's place in heaven.

The persistence of such rabid psycho-pathology is one of the causes of current terrorism. Islam was a religion spread by the sword unlike any others, and the prophet was as much a businessman and a warrior as anything else. The first four Caliphs of Islam were all assassinated. Succession was frequently by assassination or fratricide in the Delhi and Moghul Sultanate, the Turkish Sultanate, Central Asian Khanates and the Safavid dynasty of Iran. Murder, rape, forced conversion and slavery followed the Islamic conquests of Spain, the Balkans and parts of Romania. In fact a huge number of Indians moved west and north into the Balkans around 1100 CE to avoid the invading Turks and Afghans and today make up the Gypsies (Roma) in Europe. They speak a language similar to Punjabi or Hindi and are now facing discrimination by the Europeans. Half a million were killed by the Nazis.

These historical facts are pushed under the rug in Indian history books. Our children are not taught the disastrous results of the disunity of the Indian kings, their lack of foresight and the indifference of the oppressed populace to who rules, because it never makes their life better. To our everlasting shame, it has not changed even at present, because the present political parties are all filled with corrupt crooks with a lust for power and devoid of decency or historical knowledge.     


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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