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A Glass Full or Half Empty! Here Comes De Judge

Take the hypothetical case of a nation with over three-fourths of its population belonging to one religious group and the remaining consisting of an unassimilated, possibly somewhat discriminated minority. Bordering this nation and across a river boundary, is a smaller enclave, almost entirely populated by the group, which is a minority in the nation. There are territories, which are in dispute and unresolved issues about the sharing and distribution of water. The birth of the nation and the enclave were rooted in religious disputes and there are unresolved claims of property and right of settlement. There is a disparity in the conventional military strength of the two belligerent parties. The weaker side with a majority of Moslems, who are a minority in the nation, constantly sends suicidal terrorists to kill innocent men, women and children.

The infallible Pope George W, who has the might and thus the right, to pontificate and pass judgment on all things, then speaks like the oracle of Delphi, that the Palestinians must forego terrorism as a weapon. The judge is blind to the atrocities of the occupying power and petty humiliations, that the Palestinians are subjected to and the obvious territory usurping tendencies of Israel.

Islam, which is a stupid religion started by a self-serving psychopathic, illiterate, incest indulging, child molester and suffers from obstinate refusal to progress with time, falls back on the tired, futile formula of martyrdom, out of frustration and the insatiable, pathologically obsessive Islamic desire for a paradise full of beautiful and obliging, but never aging virgins.

Israel is praised and Palestinians condemned. The two friendly and peace loving Saudis and Egyptians, our democratic friends mouth inane platitudes, while fattening their illicit bank accounts by plundering the believing Moslem population, which has to be stupid, if not retarded. The US in the meantime is smart and has a captive grateful in Kuwait and is now ready to install one in Iraq, and with the newly acquired semi-control of oil and gas in the Trans-Caspian and Central Asian states, which have just escaped the orbit of the old Soviets and new Russia, has prepared itself for new contingencies and the new world order.

The hypothetical case was meant to mislead, because the whole case study could apply to India and Pakistan. The US outlook and policy then takes an unexpected U-turn. Now it takes a moral stance on the evils of Nuclear War and refuses to condemn terrorist Pakistan, while urging caution and restraint on both, as opposed to crucifying Arafat. This half full, half empty bias stems from the power of the Israeli lobby and the dependence of America on energy sources, as well as the relative indifference to India's problems. There is another major factor and that is the mother of all fears, of a loose nuke falling into the hands of Islamic terrorists and the dire domestic consequences thereof, to America.

This conclusively proves that nations with nuclear power get differentially favorable treatment and reaffirms my belief that the rich and powerful are different because they make the rules, bend them and can conveniently place themselves above the rules.

My writing, raves and rants, right, wrong or ridiculous are not fueled by any visceral anti-Americanism or anti-Israel feeling. In fact I believe that in the history of the earth, only America has the power to be honest and fair to a point, without compromising its self-interest and I believe that Israel and India though wrong and selfish at times are the only best hope of mankind to stem the virulent, malignant, immoral, pathological scourge of the lethal malady of Islam. This statement though extremist is made after due study and deliberation and much soul searching, pain and critical ultra-centrifugal agitation of self and other matters.    


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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