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The Shrill Cackle of Hindutva

The BJP has formed a coalition government with multiple partners and their lust for power and thirst for status is so great, that they have made nearly 20% of their coalition and nearly 10% of all MPs ministers. Some of them have the stench of corruption emanating as their life's breath and polluting all civic discourse and many elected officials in many states have criminal backgrounds, connections and or financing.

A so called secular government subsidizes pilgrimage to Mecca for Moslems and promulgates and tolerates a separate civil code for Moslems. This is tantamount to the US government permitting polygamy officially for all practicing Mormons. The ruling coalition turfs the question of the birthplace of Rama to the Supreme Court, as though it were a legal matter to be resolved by judicial deliberation, when it is a mere conjecture, myth or personal belief without facts or reason. These venal, unprincipled crooks who masquerade behind the Purdah of Hindutva with the sole purpose of enriching themselves illegally and clandestinely by accepting secret stashes of bribe money profess a religion and ethic, that they have never practiced or intended to.

The life of a Hindu is divided into four Ashramas, the last of which to be followed is Sanyasa or renunciation. Yet, over seventy senile, incompetent, weak kneed, one foot in the grave politicians keep clutching the reins of power unto their dying grasps. Truly prescient, prophetic and pertinent is the last line of an ancient Sanskrit Shloka, "Vriddho yaati grihitvaa dandam, tad api na munchati ashapindam". It translates as the old man walks tottering with a cane, unable to let go his juvenile hopes.

These same politicians turn a blind eye to massive illegal immigration of over 15 million Bangladeshis and even utilize them as captive voting blocks to win fraudulent elections by bribes, threats and other means. Defense procurement is a license to steal and this is done without even an iota of shame or guilt. Material donated by other countries for the Gujarat earthquake is siphoned off to the private black market by conniving corrupt officials and ignorant idiot zealots burn edible ghee and loads of money propitiating sundry gods by Yagna ceremonies, while millions are unable to afford a square meal a day. Many victims are still homeless, while ministers waste public money on perks, trips and lavish inaugurations of unnecessary conferences and showcase seminars of no benefit to anybody.

The public is denied the basic amenities of potable water, toilets and electricity, while officials their families, cronies, sycophants and sundry followers make frequent foreign junkets. Political parties have given official and legal sanctions to en masse defections, which leads to switching allegiance to the highest bidder. After the Gujarat earthquake, the MPs increased the tax burden on the public and exhorted them to donate generously, while hardly any MP gave any significant sums to earthquake relief from their annual allotment of five crores meant to be disbursed for deserving public causes. The inept and idiotic chief minister of Gujarat had to be replaced by the bumbling, corrupt and incompetent BJP in the hope of salvaging their future electoral hopes. Other parties are equally bad, if not worse and often derive their legitimacy from some linguistic, factional, ethnic or any undeserving status.

There is a pervasive stench in the air over the whole country. It is urine or fecal odor where common people live and that of putrefying character and rotting ethics in the castles of the rich and the corridors of power and justice.


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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