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This is an article on and of suppositions.

Take for example the Anti Corruption movement, its initial euphoria, then a lassitude, then allegations and counter allegations, within the team, discovery of at least one renegade, impugning one or two members of financial impropriety, the politics involved etc.

Suppose there is a political agenda behind all this, suppose it is the game of some politicians, or and, some political parties. Suppose it is the dirty, rancid game of some politicians, would be politicians and or, their allies? Just suppose.

Then the Maoist problem. Suppose again this has been propped up by 'vested interests', an expression fraught with so many meanings in the Indian political context. The arrest of Binayak Sen, the tirade against Arundhati Dutta, suppose they are the politics of offense, the politics of fear, the politics of intimidation. Just suppose.

Who are behind all this? Just a supposition.

To disintegrate the country?

Yes, just suppose.

Then, always the Hindu Muslim 'tension' the tenuousness of such a relationship, the fragility of it all. But suppose the so called Rightist BJP comes to power, politics will change and the minorities will be wooed like the coquettish lover. Just suppose!

Suppose, suppose Didi did not support Dada. Just suppose. Suppose it is Bengali politics, that she decided to support him?

Suppose VV Laxman was actually asked to retire, suppose so was Dravid, then why not Tendulkar? Is this the politics of fear and expediency? After all Tendulkar is now a politician of sorts. Just suppose.

And now, the recent mayhem in Assam. Suppose it is the handiwork of one or two or three... politicians, as the heady grape vine says? Just suppose.

If these suppositions are correct, or even one of them; then the people of India have been taken for a big ride. As always, by the political class.

But this is only a supposition.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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