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Let Us Spare Time

The craze to share with others instantly what all we do or don't is internet's gift to mankind.

Privacy is completely neglected. Others also don't have any interest to know all about us so instantly.

Lot of leisure, mobile phones in hand, lack of any hobby like reading, painting, and the like provides plenty of time for all, employed or unemployed. It is an open secret that we use mobile when on job, at home, and in the midst of every activity.

This continuous touch with others, most of whom don't care for us or our activities, has transformed itself into a habit. Nowadays people aren't caring even celebrities. Who is then a social network using individual!?

Any creative act can be shared. Not necessarily all acts or cessation of acts concerning us. Our showing concern for all events in the globe and universe is too much. Our brain can't handle so much information and stress. This stuffing of brain with dumping of so much useless material can lead to psychological disorders.

Our brain is already stressed and strained with happenings or no happenings in our personal lives. We are fully occupied with those disturbances. Why should we invite all the information about all events on the planet or galaxies!

There should be some space in mind for thinking, feeling, contemplation, experiencing aesthetic moments of life. Fine-arts and other rejuvenating forms can cause relaxation to us. Merely knowing so much material doesn't do good to us, at the personal life level, psychologically or health-wise.

Let us spare some time for attending to this issue.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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