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Get Over that Demon - Fear

  • Do you cringe in fear at the thought of getting low grades in class?
  • Do you cringe in fear at the prospect of appearing for a job interview?
  • Do you cringe in fear at the thought of entering into a swimming pool and being forced to swim by the instructor?
  • Do you cringe in fear at the thought of being heart broken and left alone-yet again?
If your answer to any or all of these questions is a 'yes', you have to work upon your self and free your mind from all such worries. Fear and nervousness are the two most torturous obstacles in life. They can just break you into pieces, give you a terrible pull back when you try to move ahead, causing all your confidence to just dissipate.

There is just one solution to this. Do exactly what you fear to do.

You are afraid of swimming-go ahead and swim, you are afraid of going for an interview- just go for it. You are afraid of being heart broken again - carry on with your work, the fear will automatically diminish. You are stronger than you think you are. You have faced a hell lot of things in your life, but aren't you still moving on, aren't you still hopeful, don't you still try and smile at petty things?

We have an utterly demeaning habit of underestimating ourselves, underestimating our worth. We are far more capable than we think we are. We cling to people, try to fit in, try to impress the ones who actually do not mean anything and it is only later that we realize that futility of our actions and the time that we wasted. Just believe in yourself and half of the job is already done.

Life's challenges are not meant to pull you or demean you, they are put across our paths to make us realize our worth. Do not be afraid of being hurt. After all, pain is the stepping stone to strength.


More by :  Ananya Dhawan

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Comment i always had the fear of expressing myself.
but because of u, i broke that...

manendra singh rawat
13-Dec-2014 08:33 AM

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