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Religion and Nation

When religious heads are ruling the society, why should we elect the representatives who are abdicating their mandate to rule to the religious zealots?

The rulers are completely oblivious of their responsibility and duty by allowing any one to dictate terms to the governments and it is better if all institutions created by constitution are closed; and sermons from the religious people and places are made fundamental rights and derivative principles.

Catering to the needs of bullys, fearing losing the votes, is really silly and diminishing in providing justness and justice to all citizens.

We need not study constitution and follow it but rewrite it to suit and incorporate dictates of the religiously-minded.

All other thinking and ideas must be banned and made blasphemous.

Let fear of losing vote-banks live long and let the nation reverse its course and go back in time.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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