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Queer Democracy in India

I am sure no part in the world, the concept of democracy and freedom is miused as it is in India. A few days before I happened to read a depressing news item that a man who had stolen Rs. 100 has been impriosoned and had been sentenced to 7 years of rigorous imprisonment. Now, one can understand that the justice had been done for a thief. But, everyday we read in the same newspapers scams of lakhs and crores of rupees being swindled, misused, swallowed, and siphoned to different agencies and what not. The justice here is yet to be done except a few arrests and VIP treatment for those bigwigs in the prison. 

We all know how the police deal with petty criminals and how the politicians and business tycoons are treated if they are caught. A novice who had sprung all of a sudden from somewhere has stalled crores of worth of a nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu in the name of ecology and environment for months when the nation is reeling under severe power shortage. The government is handling this activist with kid gloves as if he is a savior of the nation and its people. An octogenarian bolted out of blue and thundered that he is starting a crusade against corruption in the country with a band of people who themselves are under shady deals. His false promises, weird responses, mockery in the name of hunger all caught the attention of the media and the public which finally fizzled out to nothing. 

Another group of human rights activists is taking cudgels against death sentence on the whole. A mass murderer at the parliament premises in daylight has been protected in the jail spending crores of rupees on his safety. We read tons of food grains are wasted because of the negligence of the government and its staff. For the present elections whether the voters are given ID or not but given money to vote for a particular party. Fake currency is said to be smuggled inside the country from Pakistan to a far of place like Nagarkoil for circulation. 

But, the public seems to enjoy all these as a part of the fun as their favorite pastime cinema where once again all sorts of nefarious activites are in full measure. Every road in all major cities is nothing but a traffic chaos and nightmare. 

We keep calling ourselves still a developing country. The simple reason for all these malises is individual integrity in this blessed nation is at the lowest ebb. We can call this nothing but a ‘queer democracy’.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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