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The Odd and Strange ways

of Indian News Multi-media and Journalists!

Aam Aadmi Party "high -jacked" aam aadmi-centred politics from the Congress, aam aadmi centred slogans from the leftists, industrialists, traders businessmen and elite from the MODI AND BJP, and gave a platform for honest citizens. Pray God continues to help AAP in cleaning the ways of doing politics in our country also by "high-jacking" castes from castiest leaders. religion from religious fanatics and users for politics, regions from fanatic and selfish regionalists so that emotional integration of India takes place and only genuine servers of peope become peoples' representatives and rulers and  the citizens whole-heartedly support Kejriwal and AAP or any other outfit which fits the needs of Indians and also participate in national rebuilding and renovation.

And also wish that established parties take a leaf out of AAP and clean their political parties of dynastic politics in party and governance and dedicate to the service of Indians and not indulge in only service to themselves and their families and near and dear. Then they can remove sheen from AAP and they aso can as honesstly conduct party and government affairs.

But unfortunately in India currently the media and journalists have taken positions for this or that  political party, political estabishment and established political leaders and have positioned their guns against AAP and Aravind Kejriwal. If established political parties are pouncing on AAP and its members it is understandable, because AAP is threatening their livlihood and practicing a completely different and people-friendly ways of conducting the party and now trying to govern in such a way. But why media and elite and established journalists are more scrutinizing and not patting AAP?

In India the media of all genres has been and is playing a biased role in reporting and commenting on various national issues, political personalities, happenings and ideologies. It appears to impartial observers that the media is not fulfilling its obligation and duty without favourites and favouritism. Should be they are adopted or they adopted certain parties, individuals and issues; they criticize "ruthlessly" anything against for their likes or dislikes.

The media which bore present set of politicians and their demerits, inefficiency, corruption, non-patriotism and the like anti-national traits so graciously for 60 odd years is oddly hasty, negatively critical and demanding on Mr. Kejriwal finding fault with what he did or did not do.

After all no human being is  perfect. It is the odd nature of society that it gives so much concession to the criminals, the corrupt, the inefficient and the like negative characters and bears their brunt patiently. But pounces on the genunine and good people just for a single ommission or commission. We are all frail and require time and space to err and get rectified by ourselves or society. But the society refuses to give any room for the well-intentioned. And is rigorous and rigid in judging them; can not excuse even a single mistake. Hunts and hounds the good people relentlessly.

Media and journalists are so impatient, more than citizens and rest of the country for results to be delivered by AAP. They want to dismiss AAP in a hurry, even though they know under what circumstances Kejriwal and AAP have come on thet scene and to power and how many detractors they have in all the political parties together; how much gigantic the task undertaken after so many years of helplessness, anger and difficulties the citizens have been experiencing for selfish misrule under which the nationhas been struggling.

After all journalists are also citizens of India undergoing all these vicissitudes of anti-social and arrogant governance and functioning of the parties. They too have an obligation and role in the rebuilding the nation and idea of Indian democracy and governance. Let all give a helping hand to AAP and Mr. Kejriwal or any other party of that spirit. Kejriwal is working for our welfare. You have to give him time and space to breathe. National reconstruction is not the personal and individual responsibility of Mr. Kejriwal alone. All of us have to have a share in it. It is our duty and responsibility. A nation is rebuilt by its citizens; not merely by leaders. We are democracy. We are not "leaderocracy" where only leaders work and we keep quiet and are disintegrating through voting. The same media and journalists have reported united Andhrapradesh movementso biasedly and without going to the ground level but trying to serve the interests of established parties and their leaders' insensitivity and arrogance..

Indian journalists are not foreign citizens. They are not headmasters who only supervise the running of parties and individuals, and nation. They are part and parcel of India and its well-being and are not outside it. They have equal responsibility in the rebuilding of the nation. Let them realize this and help Indian national reconstruction by Kejriwal, AAP or otherwise. But let the medida and journalists be objective. But many leaders and journalists have started coining a fantastic word "right-wing Maoist party about AAP", the meaning of which the coiners must know.

Politics is not the personal territory of established political parties. It is a free field and every Indian citizen has the right to enter and put forward his/her ideologies in practice in the "war" of elections and implement them. They do not need the permission of established political parties and their journalist friends. And duirng these 60 odd years of Indian independence, many new comers have become leaders without any experience - Jayalalitha, N.T. Ramarao, Rajiv Gandhi, Navin Patnaik, Mulayam, Lalu, Akhilesh Yadav and many more dynastic siblings and others. What is the fun in saying AAP and Kejriwal do not have experience of governing?

And why all thtese gentle-men do not give a helping hand and only are spending day in and day out in finding fault and  trying to depopularize or denigrate the fledging but honest and sincere AAP?

Established political parties are not the owners of Indian democratic system and governance. Let us rebuild our nation despite established political parties, their scheming leaders and their supporters.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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