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A Bedtime Story

'No fair, no fair', Shrub whined to his Pappy,
A retiree, reduced to changing junior's nappy.
In a tantrum, he screamed to the Big Bush,
'You always hide Dick and sit me on my tush.

Let's give the Arabs an enema or a douche,
Now and then, the nuclear red button push,
To light up a glow in the Middle Eastern sky,
On sleepless nights for me, to read fables by.

I am sick of bashing only Afghans and Pakis
And bored and tired of playing with lackeys.
You bombed Iraq and even uptown Panama.
Let me do Iraq, Iran, Korea or I'll tell Mama.'

To castrate the Arabs and finish Allah's job,
The stuttering brat incited a mad lynch mob
With myriads of daisy-cutters ready to lob
To create jobs, kill slobs and all the oil rob.

So Papa and Mama Bush tore all their hair,
Summoned Brent and Jim, the nanny pair
To give junior a bottle and a knock on head
And straitjacket the delinquent to his bed.

He had a nightmare and howled at the UN,
So all the nations put him back in his pen
And walloped rogue Saddam, until in pain,
He played Injun and cowboy with bully again.


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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