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Sightless Neo-Gandharis Now Block Vision As Well

Hinduism was a fantastic intellectual and political ideology of the Brahmins, for the Brahmins by the Brahmins and a plausible explanation for the genesis and purpose of the world and life, for the goal of creating a civil society in the era of fear of the unknown, paucity of knowledge and the lack of science.

It has to be admired for what it was in a different era, but is irrelevant with the current knowledge and is the equivalent of mysterious protoplasm before the discovery and understanding of the double helix. It is bad enough that many Hindus are completely oblivious of this, but what compounds the felony is that they fall into the same idiotic trap, as the defenders of an abominable cult, like Islam by taking a similar approach of attributing to their ignorant, biased and intellectually constricted beliefs undeserved respectability of having predicted or pre-discovered the physics of space exploration, weapons of mass destruction or quantum paradoxes. It falls into the same category as some stupid Christians claiming genesis of the bible, as a prior knowledge of the big bang theory. I think that all such individuals should be permanently banished to Kansas and forbidden travel beyond its closed mental or geographic boundaries until they have been given remedial education.

The problem with the bulk of these false articles of science fiction on this site, is not only their fanatic proselytizing of the Hindu gospel, philosophy and religion, but also their ridiculous and fraudulent attempt to legitimize it in the modern world by draping it in the garments of so-called science, which will appeal to the ignorant, unquestioning masses of chauvinistic Hindus and manipulate their insecure egos and pride. This is what the white supremacist groups do, to exploit the basic frustrations, insecurity and boredom of the mundane existence of much of the so-called white trash, whose only pride and raison de etre, comes from the pigment of their skin, which is
matched by the bleaching of their brain, so that it is now denuded of thought, reason and decency.

It is not my purpose to castigate the trash that many post at this site, because by other standards, I may be a similar offender and I generally cheer for the first amendment and hold dear in my mind, the remote hope that given time truth will triumph, just as Gandhi said that given enough time tyranny will lose. What causes me worry and keeps me awake at nights, is the pathetic indifference and the nonchalance of the Indian community which is so obsessed with money, survival and personal security and aggrandizement, that it does not even respond to ideas on the internet, even though it is free. Part of my gripe could be a personal peeve or clamor to be appreciated or hunger for debate, but it is also a lament that the attitude led to the conquest of India by Moslems and Europeans. History repeats itself, first as a tragedy and the second time as a farce, and all that is needed for evil to flourish is for good persons to remain silent and block their sight and vision, as Gandhari and Dhritrashtra did.  


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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