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Mother's Day

Today, May 10, 2015, is Mother’s Day. It is observed across the globe on the second Sunday of May to express one’s gratitude and love to mother. Mother holds a unique position in our lives. It is true for every species in nature. Once after a deadly forest fire when the rescuers were haunting the forest one forest ranger discovered a charred bird. Out of curiosity he gave a slight push to it by the stick to find two live chicks under the mother-birds wings.

And that is what the mother is. A picture of sacrifice! A father’s love is very often conditional, but not mother’s.  No child keeps any secret with mother. Teen agers reveal the stories of their romance to the mothers. The boy brings the girl home to introduce to mother and take her approval and blessings, whereas father is often in the dark.

The mother’s kitchen has its aroma, and often the wives get jittery when the hubbies recollect the taste of the potato fry or apple cakes! Everything the mother does is special – cooking to helping in the homework. The girls adore their mothers more, and secretly reveal to her the first kiss they experienced.

In India mother is regarded as a deity, and for every venture we take her blessings, may it be the exams, the interview or starting a new business. Everybody remembers the line:

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu matrurupen sansthita
Namo tasyayi namotasyai namotasyai namonamo

(The goddess who in all the elements manifests in the form of the mother, let us salute her again and again)

The concept of mother and her position are still loftier in the following line:

Janani janmabhumischa swargasapi gariyashi

(The mother and the motherland are higher than the heaven),
which inspired the singer A R Rehman to sing, ‘Maa tujhe salam …’ (Mother, salutation to you)

On this sacred day let us express our deep gratitude to our mothers. And more than that let us understand the significance of this day by loving the girl child and taking good care of them.
Happy Mother’s Day!


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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Comment A classic tribute to motherhood.
Modern mother is female parent

12-May-2015 00:26 AM

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