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What drives US President Trump?

Snide references aside, could disregard for niceties be dictated by his 3 Cash Cows? India’s ancient commerce-based civilization can surely understand that.

As a novice journo, my theory held that despite Japanese take over of major US industries, American still had Arms n Ammunitions. Active fostering of fiery spats all over the world, salesmen offering arms to both sides, had US billionaires laughing all the way to the banks. Even Obama was railroaded into Afghanistan in his first term; later he stood firm on Syria since he wasn’t fighting another election!

Since 1941 and World War II, US’ Defense Industries have boomed with Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Guatemala, sundry African nations galore; despite red herrings such as “democracy”, “our way of life”, “human rights”, etc.

US’ Cash Cow2, Financial Services wrecked plastic money havoc, catching everyone caught pants down in the Big Bust.

Obama’s attempt to rein in Cash Cow3, Healthcare with his Obamacare is a Trump priority for change to get their registers ringing again.

“Ordinary America resembles later day Rome, spiteful, egoistic, immoral, neurotic, ruthless, greedy, self-centered. Women to be used and thrown. Kids their problem.” ‘As American as Apple Pie’ is yesterday’s fiction. America for Whites, forgetting that all whites are themselves offspring of migrants!

Enter the Ultimate Deal Maker, author of "Art of the Deal" and "Think Big", offering zero ethics, with pragmatism skirting legality. The hands-on guy who asks upfront: ‘Here's what I can do for you.... What can you do for me? To get the best deal for the USA.’

“Quintessential American Carpetbagger, clever fixer/dealmaker who detests traditional politicians, loves dictators and CEO’s who favor deals.”

  • Why nix Obamacare? To keep the Healthcare industry happy.
  • Why the wall across Mexico border? To renegotiate trade deals.
  • Why Muslims? Basically both Christianity n Islam are derivatives of Judaism, the ancient Jewish faith, very much like ours. Modern history has seen stiff competition and jealousy between siblings with constant seesaws. Islam has population bombs and terror industries. Christians: money and economic control. The US certainly does not want to deal with the Islamic population bombs, threatening every European country that allowed in cheap labor and finds its cultural moorings threatened.
  • Why Iran? To sell US goods and Boeings instead of 700 Airbuses. Also sweeten Saudi and UAE to buy more US arms.

Next on the list will be the Pakistan-India axis; Pakistan in cahoots with China's CPEC. India with both China and Russia, + Tibet and Kashmir.

Enter Mr. Deal Maker with his carpetbag full of latest armaments, healthcare goodies and plastic money schemes. “Howdy guys,” he’ll say. “I’ll fix Kashmir for you two. What’ll you buy from me in exchange? What can you give me?”

Do we have our answers ready on that one? To get the best deal for India?


More by :  Kusum Choppra

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