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To My Janu on her Birthday

My Jaan,

Janu..mmm are the first two words I utter everyday simultaneously stretching out my hand.
My wife wakes up before me to wash the entrance of our house (we call it as "vasa peruki kolam podradu in Tamil") while I am still in my sleep and returns a good 15 minutes later. She lies down next to me and hugs me tightly and I wake up to this world.

This is when my first two words of the day are said out. I feel so happy and full in the morning having my wife in my arms. This happiness for five minutes is what energises me for the entire day.

Her birthday is nearing and I think what I can gift her?... All thoughts of gifts starting from clothes to chocolates to showpieces come to my mind. But none seems to entice me and I decide, I write her a lovely love letter.

Calling sweet hearts with weird names is what Love actually is and here I go... Bujju, Looju, Chinnu, Janu, Annu...my Annu - Have you ever thought how important your life is to my life, how you energise me in the morning, how you keep me mesmerised with you warmth and affection. If not, let me tell you,

Your love is supreme source
of all good things happening in my life.
Your touch is the all time healer
of my sorrows and pain.
Your hug makes me achieve more success,
so that you pat my back from behind
and that helps me convert that
into an additional hug.
You are the sweetest nectar I posses
and I am adamant to say,
you are only mine.

Its your birthday tomorrow and I wish you celebrate many more birthdays with me and I keep melting in your love and become the icing in your birthday cake everytime.

I Love You ....Happy Birthday


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01-Apr-2013 15:56 PM

Comment You are lucky that you have such a Bujju, Looju, Chinnu, Janu, Annu...my Annu wife to inspire you to write a poem. I feel a little j...

01-Apr-2013 12:03 PM

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