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Awkward Comparisons

Honestly speaking even spending nearly sixty long years in this soil, I fail to understand India and its psychology. Human beings are full of contradictions; agreed. But, not to the extent these countrymen exhibit this quality.
Comparisons are odious; many times, we say comparisons should be made among equals if it is a case of education, work, achievements or spirituality. But, as for as Indian politics is concerned comparisons are drawn as the writer and the publishing media intend or wish or to favor. So one can compare a fly with an eagle; an elephant with a mouse. The argument that will be put forth would be both fly and eagle are of flying community and mouse and elephant are four legged animals. Such weird arguments and awkward ideas are reeled out ad nauseum as the general elections are approaching.
Recently, I happened to see an article in a leading newspaper (this is happening in all the news channels also!) comparing Narendra Modi with Arvind Kejiriwal and Rahul Gandhi.
Can you see any logic or valuable content in such articles?
Modi, good or bad, secular or communal, democratic or autocratic has been functioning as the Chief Minister of a state in India for several years. But, what are the credentials of Kejariwal and Rahul Gandhi? Kejariwal is known for his loud mouth, incoherent statements, audacity to talk whatever he likes and above all the media support. Rahul Gandhi, in comparison, is less audacious than the absolutely despicable Kejariwal but for the fact that he held no positions so far in his Congress party, a non performer but hails from the Nehru family.
Indian masses are driven by publicity. They absolutely lack judgment most of the time. They are whimsical and self centered on many occasions. The concept of ‘family’ may be a wonderful and India might be the only country which would have shown the greatness of filial and parental affection and commitment to the entire world. But, at the same time, one cannot refute the bitter truth that the same family attachment alone makes many fields to bring their wards with least credentials to the forefront (mis)using their power and position.
The sad aspect is the media today is that they want to write anything to create confusion and chaos in the country. Because then alone they can survive. The freedom of expression in this country is the most abused pillar of this country’s democracy.


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