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Idiot Leaders Cause Demise Of Nations

A millennium of Indian history is testimony and proof of my title. The internecine fighting and rivalry with delusions of grandeur and lust for power of various Hindu kings facilitated the invasion, conquest and colonization of India by the Islamic and European hordes. There was complete lack of foresight in not fortifying the two major passes (Khyber and Balan) which were the easiest entry points into a nation otherwise bounded by the Himalayas and the ocean. The first millennium history had given enough warnings in the successful invasions by the Scythians (Shakas-Kanishka) and the Huns, yet the Hindu Shahi dynasty of Kashmir and the Taxila (Taksha-sheela) took no precautions from around 1000AD. Islam had spread from Arabia and the Zoroastrian Sassanid empire of Persia had been defeated by the newly Muslim Arabs over three centuries earlier. Two centuries earlier Arab naval and land forces had established a beachhead in Sindh. The Hindu ruler had run away.

Neither the Hindu rulers at the borders had fortified them nor had any of them read or understood Chanakya’s Arthashastra, a treatise on statecraft (more devious than Machiavelli’s Prince) composed nearly a thousand years before. The slightly more distant separate kingdoms from the border, instead of uniting to resist alien invaders, took delight in their defeats. Benjamin Franklin’s later words proved true, “Let us all hang together otherwise we will surely be hanged separately”. In my previous articles I have remarked on Mohammed Ghazni’s repeated annual plundering raids hundreds of miles into India, in which he had to depend on feeding his men in the alien territory while traveling by foot, camel or horse. Compare that with the devastating strategy that defeated Napoleon’s French and Hitler’s German invasion of Russia a few centuries later or the Greeks routing the Persian fleet, a millennium earlier. The Greeks also had competing small kingdoms, mere city states, but they put aside their internecine rivalries and united when faced with a powerful alien enemy.

The congenital idiocy of India’s leaders continued unabated when the Portuguese came. Vasco De Gama on his first landing committed atrocities and was repulsed by the local ruler, only to be welcomed at a neighboring port ruled by his rival. Pizzaro, with a few hundred men, horses and muskets overran the mighty Inca empire with the support of a rival pretender to the throne and the Inca superstitious belief that the Spaniards were gods. Perhaps the reason why the American natives were called Indians is not because Columbus was looking for a westward sea passage to India, but the natives of America were not united amongst themselves and had self-defeating and self-destructive superstitious religious beliefs, like my present day compatriots.

If Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs & Steel is to be believed, one has to grant better analytical ability to the primitive tribes of Papua, New Guinea, who were unsure about the human or divine origins of the first Europeans they encountered. Their Solon or Solomon solved the problem by secretly observing them throughout the day and when he observed them squatting to defecate in a land without toilets, rightly assigned them a human origin with its inevitable mortality. The Indians fell prey again for the umpteenth time to the wiles of the Europeans and succumbed to their divide and rule strategies from the Nawab of Arcot, Nawab of Oudh to the division into India and Pakistan two centuries later.

The lust for power, delusions of grandeur, lack of foresight and indifference to national cohesion, welfare and progress had become the basic genome of India’s leaders by the time of independence. Jinnah, who drank alcohol, ate pork, never prayed regularly or went to a mosque, was married to a Parsi woman half his age, succumbed to British intrigue and demanded Pakistan. He had the hypocrisy to state that in spite of being a nation carved out on the explicit grounds of an Islamic homeland, it would be secular. So long as his lust for power and delusions of grandeur could be fulfilled, every hypocrisy or untruth could be justified, rationalized, whitewashed and camouflaged to appear as a stance of principled, selfless virtue.

Nehru with his narcissistic personality disorder, wanted to strut on the world stage and garner international acclaim, and thus neglected national defense despite repeated Chinese border infiltration and war, gave in to linguistic state formations and helped to promote fissiparous tendencies of India, while neglecting preparations for smooth transition and grooming younger leaders. Indira Gandhi with the same curses sowed the seeds of Khalistan and Kashmir insurgencies to combat the Akali Dal and Abdullah, to maintain her power. She even resorted to declaring an emergency and tampering with the constitution and the judiciary. To garner public support she detonated an atomic bomb, oblivious to big power criticism and sanctions without first procuring adequate uranium ore.

Vajpayee and the BJP repeated this and then lied that the hydrogen bomb was successful. Western monitors assessed it was a fizzle and now it is probably confirmed by Dr. Santhanam. Once again the political hack appointees like Abdul Kalam, under whom the DRDO failures of the Arjun tank and multiple missile programs occurred and Anil Kakodkar who supported the civilian nuclear deal by which Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi’s puppet, gave away India’s independent nuclear deterrence, are screaming loudly as the dog on His Master’s Voice records. They spoke up again like the dummies of a ventriloquist a few days ago until independent experts like Sethna and Iyengar put them in their place. India has gotten no enrichment technology and will be coerced to sign the CTBT and Fissile Material Limitation treaties. It will thus be brought in through the backdoor into the NPT without any benefits or rights and threatened like Iran or warned that it will lose American IT exports if it tests again. France and China did over twenty tests before they had a reliable hydrogen bomb..

This is happening as Pakistan is producing more and sophisticated nuclear weapons and nuclear armed cruise missiles with Chinese help and indirect unintended financing by the US via its earlier 10 billion dollars aid and new 7.5 billion dollars aid and 10 billion dollars given by the IMF under US pressure. Pakistan has illegally modified its Harpoon submarine sea to sea missiles to be able to attack land targets in India with a mere friendly chastising pat on the back by Obama and America, the same response Carter and Reagan gave when A.Q. Khan, Zia and Bhutto clandestinely got the atom bomb and North Korean missiles.

In the meantime China officially states that India must be broken up into 20 or 30 independent nations. The Chinese Ambassador to India officially states that Arunachal, a state of the Indian nation, is a province of China. China has built a rail line to Tibet right up to the Indian border. Deepak Kapoor, India’s chief general admits that Chinese incursions into Indian territory have increased and there are incidents of firing across the border between the Chinese and Indian armies. China with a rapidly improving economy has markedly increased defense spending and is rapidly upgrading its army, navy and air force. It has nuclear weapons including hydrogen bombs, targeted at India, while India whose only fusion weapon was a fizzle is unable and unallowed to test again because of the stupidity and craven cowardice of its puppet prime minister, who because of his personal antipathy to nuclear weapons, sold the nation’s security down the river for zero benefit. India has no missiles that can reach Beijing with nuclear weapons. Are we to retaliate by launching the loose marbles of our leaders as a response?

The characteristic odor of indoles and skatoles which is the nature of Indian politicians is not unique to one nation. The same delusions, power lust, indifference to national interest and common citizens is prevalent in America as well. These combined with ego prevented Johnson and Nixon from stopping the Vietnam war which was immoral, illegal and a crime. They did not want to be the president who lost a war and preferred to set the country on the path to bankruptcy. Carter, Reagan and Bush Sr. made the road to bankruptcy a toll free highway. Clinton and Bush Jr presided over the de-industrialization of America and the little mindless shrub pressed the accelerator to the floor to reach the destination of national bankruptcy sooner and faster. Obama has the same ego problem and will continue the Iraq and Afghanistan war and increase the national debt faster on the road to ruin, to placate his campaign contributors, so he can be re-elected. His sell out to insurance companies on healthcare is a perfect example of where his interests lie, just like those of the drug, hospital and insurance companies’ Senate Trojan horse, Max Bogus.

It is a strange irony that the successors of the criminally insane, genocidal maniacs like Mao and Stalin, have become less virulent malefactors. Hu Jin Tao and Putin, while suffering from power lust, exercising oppressive tyranny, a tendency for enriching their cronies or offspring, have one redeeming quality, that of improving the economy and power of their nations, which makes their fecal odor more tolerable to the average bloke of their nation, than that of the so called democratic leaders of India and the US, whose smell or sight evoke uncontrollable puking in those nations’ citizens. 


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