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The Insistence sans Justice!

The itch to publish always tempts a poet or a writer though not always, but now and then. Publishing one's work, poetry or any creative writing has become ultimate test for its merit and of course popularity. How printing a book enhances its quality is really not comprehensible.

It is its content that rules any creative writing and not its printed version. Even though this statement seems to be a truth and reality, every one of us, the poets or writers, are so enamored of publishing our work in printed form that it proliferated fake publishers most of whom are interested in exploiting this "weakness" of poets and writers and are exploiting.

Even though after publishing one's creative work in printed form is not a guarantee for name, fame and money, somehow the longing for published printed work is the ultimate aim of every poet or creative writer.

Many are spending their own hard earned money to publish their writings in printed form and are facing the disappointment of its neglect by fellow-poets or critics after publishing their work and are most of the times becoming poorer financially and emotionally.

That is why many times I say let the society recognize the e-form of a work as its printed cousin. But award-givers, and other societal recognizers are insisting on the printed version of a work. Why so? In an era when printing alone made available a work to the outside world and its circulation, this insistence on printed version presently makes sense.  Now when websites, internet, e-publishing are ruling the creative-writing and book scene, why we are not able to come out of the outdated "print" version and versions?

This is where conservatism and "revolution" come face to face with each other. Of course, conservatism or "revolution" wins depending on how many in the field respectively support them - the conservation thinking and revolutionary novelties.

Whatever is the truth, the reality is most in the literary and creative-writing field, the creators, critics, award-presenters, -recognizers of a creative work are all voting for the printed version of a creative work. The difference between a printed version and an e-published one is the money spent. And it is really astonishing and amusing that amount of money spent in "publishing" is deciding a creative work "eligible" for rating and award-giving and recognizing; this is most illogical, incomprehensible and sans wisdom.

Insistence on the creative writer to publish printed version of his creativity and making it compulsory for recognition in these days of internet-ruled world is sans justice and commonsense.



More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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