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Neither Here nor There...

A little bit of self pity! That way one gets solace vicariously, and rationalizes things. I am 'neither here or there'! What do I mean? I meant that being neither here or there espouses a kind of non partisanship, some kind of objectivity at looking at things, but this has inherent dangers.

Firstly if you don't take sides, you are both wanted and unwanted. Unwanted by many who want to cajole you into their side. Wanted by people who will maintain a prudent, and discreet silence, on the way you walk on the edge of a precipice - may fall but dangerously balancing to live till the next day.

What is objective thinking ? It is the way of looking at two sides of the coin, looking at another person's point of view, then another, when they contradict each other. That way you end up contradicting yourself. So I am a self contradictory creature - neither here nor there! Then, I have been born a Bengali, of Bengali parentage, but have lived all my life in Shillong, excepting for a two year morbid stint in New Delhi, I cannot speak the Khasi language, which is indeed very shameful. This is another example of neither here nor there!

When I grew up Shillong was the capital of Assam, then in the early 70s the state of Meghalaya, was established, so I was, perhaps am, a part of two states, neither here nor there!

My basic discipline was English Literature, I taught the subject for over a good eleven years, here in Shillong, now I impart distance education, vocational education, administration. Again I am neither here nor there.

I bat with a left hand while playing cricket, but I am not a natural leftie... neither here nor there? But my philosophy of life (not my religion) has been some kind of a middle path. This is certainly Not Here, Nor THERE.


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