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Bear Grylls: The Incredible Man

One of the most famous television shows, Man vs Wild, telecasted on Discovery Channel, has been getting more wilder.
The famous adventurer and presenter of the show Bear Grylls, have attracted uncountable viewers with his wild actvities. In this show he teaches us how to survive in a critical situation when a person wanders within the remoteness of some unknown place. Bear, with his incredible skills and techniques of eating raw creatures have achieved a huge number of fans. Whether it be a raw frog or the raw eyes of a yak, he gulps everything with pleasure.
In one of the episodes when he wandered in the empty desert of Sahara without any food or water, he found a dead camel. He smartly cut and removed its skin and then its stomach with his knife. Cut entering the digestive system he brought out a bunch of its undigested food which the camel ate before its death. He brought them out and and  sqeezed. The water which poured down, he drank. He mentioned that the water was weird in taste but it quenched his thirst.
In another episode he visited the snowy mountains of Siberia where there was nothing other than trees. When he faced a dead yak there he said that the people who live there eat whatever they find and they never miss anything due to food crisis. That way he did the same with the yak as he did with the camel. Cut opening its stomach he carried out its raw liver and tasted it, and it was Yucks!! But that didn't please him. He pulled out its eyes and gulped it. These acts make people wander how can a man eat the raw parts of a particular creature. These wild acts of him really makes him an incredible man.


More by :  Priyanka Bhowmick

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