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The Ambition of Gopinath Munde's Daughter!

The ambition and utterance of Munde’s daughter must be carefully tackled.

Gopinath Munde has been a popular leader from suitable community and his sudden demise has created a vacuum in Maharashtra for the chief minister candidates - what eh news media says.

Mr. Modi is always against dynastic politics and also caste and region based politics. His campaign in recent Lok Sabha elections and just concluded Haryana assembly elections is against dynastic succession to the  constitutional posts, caste affiliations and regional fanaticism . But now  how far he and his party can handle the ambitions of Gopinath's Munde's daughter is interesting to watch.

We already have Akhilsesh Yadav in UP and Mr. Omar Abdullah as son-chief minister.  Mr. Stalin of Tamilnadu, Mr Uddhav Thakery of Mahrashtra, Mr.Jaganmohan Reddy of (though currently failed) think they are natural heirs to the "post" of chief minister of respective states. We also already have in the line the famous son of president of Telugu Desam, children of Telangana leader, son of Assam chief minister and like many aspirants.

They have the advantage, ambition, and ridiculously above all, the feeling and demand , that they are natural heirs for constitutional posts by virtue of being the kith and kin of political stalwarts. This  is the height of stupidity and result of dangerous practice of dynastic politics and lack of inner party democracy in the running of these political parties.

Already the nation has paid the price for having showered love and affection, instead of possessing wisdom, on a political family which astonishingly claimed to be the champion of democracy and practice of democratic principles.  The nation cannot afford still further dynastic rulers of inefficiency and personified arrogance and foolishness.
Mr Modi who could make Indians vote transcending their caste-, community, religious-, regional-, ideological-, cultural-, civilizational-, linguistic-, like affiliations and fanaticism, during parliamentary elections and most probably in the just concluded assembly elections, must steer away from the practice of these divisive politics and concentrate on his development mantra. And must see he will not associate with these undemocratic and non-patriotic cum traitor leaders.

Else these regional political stalwarts reduce India into warring regions as happened in Andhra Pradesh division and do not hesitate to disintegrate India for their selfish purposes. And everything does not depend on Mr. Modi himself, all Indian citizens must practice  integrated politics in voting and must shun the divisive politics which have been highly advantageous to corrupt, anti-national and non-patriotic political leaders.

It is the duty of every Indian not to fall  a prey to the human-rights' violating practice of divisive, anti-development and corrupt practice of current feudalistic political leaders.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Family heir to a post, even though democratically elected, shows weakening of system and putting stop to efforts / hard work of others. The team will have stunted in growth devoid of ideas. The seniors should award the exceptional qualities of person duly revealed and proven. Does Munde' s daughter has these qualities or did Munde had these qualities. We also used to read that he used to be in edge of BJP ready to leave.

18-Oct-2014 07:50 AM

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