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Ageing Blues

Off late, I cannot but feel extremely sorry for those who become terribly worried and downcast because of ageing.

The first and the foremost reason for most of the people is the retirement. We find many of the retired people felt left out after leaving the office they have been working for so long. Scientists and financial experts get a relief as some of their services get extended in the organizations for continuing the work but with lesser pressure. Those who could not get this bonus, indulge in what euphemistically called ‘consultancy’ actually meaning ‘jobless’.

In India, for those who have retired from their services, the best pastime is to opt for spirituality and satisfying themselves by spending more time with the families of their sons or daughters. If they live abroad (in India today, most of the children) the merry is more. Once in six months they can fly and be back with fresh memories and stories. Even then, the process or the problems of ageing is unavoidable. Long distance travels turn taxing. 

Very few elders of today are without Blood Pressure or Diabetics. Other discomforts include arthritis or mild forms of dementia. Many prefer reading of newspapers regularly from the first to the last page, or watching television, or gardening (which, indeed, is impossible for the middle class because they live in flats with mostly covered spaces), listening to music mostly classical, or attending religious discourses.

Is it not a bitter truth that after a stage life of everyone becomes little redundant? Or depressing? Or make us understand another irreversible fact that youth is a blessing and ageing is a curse?


But, do the activities like a favourite pastime, love for children and spouse, interest in the newer things of life like internet, smart phones, what’s up make some feel young(!) and engaged. However, even if you are well versed in all these activities, or try to renew the relationships with your old pals, or go out to make new friends.......there always remains a vacuum. One cannot enjoy an old person’s company for long. The inertia will creep up at one stage or other. Old age homes and the company may be good but bland.


The freshness, physical fitness or the enthusiasm of youth, the alertness of the young mind will elude an aged definitely. We can claim that the aged will be more prudent though prudish. But, the fact remains that it is practically not true and only the energy of the youth is always advantageous than the wary ways of an old.  

It is my personal observation and experience. Old may be gold. But invariably become obsolete. One can never overcome the blues of ageing.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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