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Excess of Everything

You see, anything in excess invariably turns cloying.

Start with a simple item, sweet. Even for an ardent sweet maniac, at one point, it will stop the person from consuming it further.

See the so-called ‘quality time’ people could spend at the outset of ‘Covid 19’ pandemic. There were extensive articles written in the media like how the husband and wife find time to share a lot of things, precious time with children, time for their (real or artificial) passions, time for relaxing the muscles and brain, etc., etc…the list went endless. Everyone almost celebrated the ‘quarantine.’

Lo, after one year the same turned into a nightmare; not one; all. From ‘working from home’ to the constant closeness with wife and children and vice versa. The same faces and the closeted atmosphere started turning sickening and suffocating. Even some couples, an article said, had gone to the extent of consulting psychiatrists or filing for a divorce.

If I am incorrect please correct me as I haven’t heard such ‘happy’ starting stories ending with ‘dismay’ except in India.


We are the people who love everything in excess. Right from food (ref. our big fat weddings and the gross wastage of food items especially) to relationship, ownership to overdose of everything. Anything in excess invariably makes us only pleased and happy. But, the fact is everything in excess will only turn sour. We ourselves have the popular adage ‘Even Nectar can turn poison if in excess.’

But, for the insatiable Indians two things never give satisfaction. Power and Pelf.

The more they acquire, the more they aspire for them. Really Awesome Population!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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