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Let us Live with Child-like Innocence and Joy!

Human mind is a software term. Human heart (psychological) is also a software term. Hormones, other proteins, peptides, and brain, spinal cord, nervous system and neurons constitute the hardware of human mind and heart (psychological). Human mental processes, feelings, emotions, thoughts, moods, and the like lose their charm (ex: falling in love) and shine, when science enters the scene to explain how they happen.

Even though psychology is physiology, and though we love to use the expressions like the chemistry of hearts, we prefer psychology not contaminated with scientific terms and we are all happy and comfortable when we use only psychological terms for our love, pleasure, bliss and the like emotions and moods and thoughts.

So even true; certain things must not bother us with the "truth" they contain. Let us be mystified with myths. I feel we lose the grace and tenderness of human living if we do not have any illusions and wrong perceptions. Human being shines best when he is enamored with falsehood than reality. Reality can wait to claim its reality. Let us live with all our imperfections, illusions, myths, mysteries, faiths, and the like. Else our life becomes dry in the quest for perfection and attention to truth and scientific temperament or rationalism.
Let heart and mind rule us; not hormones, proteins, neurons, etc., Let us not get divorced of our innocence and ignorance. Let us live our lives with child-like innocence and joy.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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