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Enjoying Stupidity: Believe it or not ...

A majority of people believe that stupidity leads us nowhere. For them, it is the worst possible condition in which to spend one’s life, and if possible, should be completely avoided. According to these people, if the symptoms of stupidity are sighted, a doctor should be consulted. If people took a closer look at the “advantages” stupidity had to offer, they wouldn’t have such a pessimistic attitude towards it.

It is true stupidity has certain demerits. Life isn’t a bed of roses and being stupid doesn’t improve the situation. Being stupid can annoy even the most sensitive of persons.

1. If one acts stupid and does it in the wrong crowd, like a group of adults (lots of “uh-oh”s here) it is considered an immaturity rather than funny.

2. If one is forced to act stupid while dealing with lower life forms. Let me provide an example ... with high school teachers (ahem….ring a bell, anyone??), one may encounter barriers such as cruelty and insensitivity(audible “sniffles”)with utterances of statements like, “my dearest student, now is a good time to prove the existence of a brain within that thick skull of yours….”(ok, totally faced a situation. Ask my friends, and they will sing bards about my famous “Galileo” incident during my vivas.)

Though these are all true, but if I were to play my favorite role as a devil’s advocate, I find still many advantages to stupidity. The first one is quite easy to understand. Stupid people are never asked to perform heavy work (“D-uh??!!??”, from ‘Archie’s’ Moose ... ever seen Dilton begging Moose-boy for his help?)

Stupidity is one limelight people hate to bask in (though I personally don’t see the reason behind it….hmmm….). another advantage is that ‘stupids’ have a lot of free time in their hands for more of life’s truly meaningful pleasures-- ... these comprise combing body hair, counting the pixels of a Thomson TV (these ideas are truly alluring, I must add), I give you liberty to gain more inspirations.

Now, there is another rumor going around that suggests that stupid people have low expectations. They are so stupid that they cant’s realize ‘great!’ from ‘ok’..(a plus point, eh??).

Someone with an “advantage” of stupidity might have a hard time doing certain tasks, or setting things up. Yet, this isn’t at all bad. For example, if a stupid person leaves his chore halfway and comes back to it later; will he get fired from his job? No. For the very simple reason that no one would understand his or her work except for him or her!!! In fact, the job would have to be given back to our favorite person, yes; you guessed it, La Stupide with perhaps a salary raise because no one else can guess their work let alone complete it.

Free time is great for brainstorming. And the ideas stupid people create tend to be ‘c’est orignale’…..To put it properly, when was the last time someone stupid said something and made one think about it?

An idea can change one’s life. An example of such an idea would be, “Why are people only remembered after their deaths?” This might suggest that A La Stupid-Os have an upper hand in thinking up original ideas. In fact, the moral that is produced here is ... next time you want an original idea, try talking to your local, fellow stupid personality (I am always too busy to indulge in your grievances of lacking original ideas….so don’t bother asking moi sil vous plait…)

The reason for this is that a stupid person thinks not in an organized manner, hence the thoughts tend to flow naturally without interruptions which would have originated from the so-called logical people. Thus, if you should say, “that was a stupid idea!” remember that you are proving a rather false notion true --- which is “stupid minds think alike”; the reason being you able to recognize an idea as stupid, from the mere workings of your mind. (That is why I always humor my sister in whatever she has to say).Hence, we see that stupid people clearly enjoy many advantages as long as they are smart enough to use them.

Thus, because of the difference between the smart and the stupid, smart human beings should give the latter some breathing space. People should learn that someone ‘gifted’ with stupidity deserves more respect. After all they belong to the ‘special class’ of the society.


More by :  Neha Sudhir

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