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Prashanth Kishor - Indian Political Parties

Indian Political Parties have found a short cut to manifestos, and other traditional wooing of voters.

It seems they neither have the competence nor interest to contest elections on their ideological strengths. Ever since Mr. Prashanth Kishor had strategic plans and guided Mr. Modi's 2014 parliament elections to victory he has been in full demand for parties. The Nitish Kumar party used his services to win Bihar elections of course on caste wave than to Mr. Prashanth Kishor's acumen in political and elections strategies. But political parties of all hues have been hooked to him and now Indian National Congress is trying its luck in ensuing UP elections under Mr. Kishor's guidance and strategy than its ideology or manifesto.

This kind of corporate hiring of experts in evolving strategy for winning elections is a new trend in democratic India and democracy is taking new paths unconnected with citizens or their necessities but exploiting their weaknesses in blind affiliations to their caste, community, religion, region like divisive support. And now news is trickling that YSR Congress is thinking hiring of Mr. Prashanth Kishor's services for winning in elections. The mass appeal of leaders, their ideologies, manifestos giving place to corporate strategists is unwell for democratic functioning of parties and their contest of elections.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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