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Quantum Consciousness & Entanglement, India & United States ' Part Two


When atoms of Calcium are brought to a high energy state and are allowed to return to a lower energy state while in a fixed position, each atom emits two photons which fly off in opposite directions. If the spin of the photons is measured in the same axis (vertical, horizontal, front to back or any other axis) then the two photons have opposite direction spins (clockwise and anticlockwise). According to quantum theory, subatomic particles have latent spins in all axes but once the spin is measured along one axis, it is never a fractional one and after measurement along one axis, it is not possible to detect or measure the particle's spin direction along other axis. Many physicists have done this experiment and the spin of the particles measured at various distances. The farthest distance apart between the particles was eleven kilometers. Einstein could not accept that two particles separated in space could influence the behavior or properties of each other. This would have violated his theory of special relativity as one particle would be communicating with the other faster than the speed of light. He called it spooky action at a distance and remarked that god does not play dice. He claimed that the two particles were programmed at birth to have opposite spins.

John Bell got the Nobel prize in physics for thinking up an experiment carried out decades later when more sophisticated technology and instruments became available. These were the ability to measure the direction of spin of particles in the vertical, horizontal and front to back axis (or any other axis). In experiments where the spin direction was measured along the same axis at any angle from the vertical, horizontal or front to back, the experimenter always got opposite results for the two particles. Bell's theorem was simple. The spin direction can be either clockwise or anti-clockwise. If one assumes that the one sided photon is programmed, say clockwise for vertical, anti-clockwise for horizontal and clockwise for front to back, its program would be CAC. In that case the opposite side photon would have to be programmed ACA.

If the experiment was randomized so that two independent experimenters measured the photon spin in any one of the three directions, the results would be CA, CC, CA for vertical axis on one photon and vertical, horizontal and front to back axis on the second. The next set for horizontal axis on the first photon and vertical, horizontal and front to back on the second photon would be AA, AC, AA respectively. For front to back axis on the first photon and three in the same order on the second photon would be CA, CC, CA respectively. Of the nine results, you will notice that, four are the same (AA or CC) and five are different. Thus a series of random tests should give opposite results more than 50% of the time. Yet when repeated experiments are carried out the results always show an agreement of 50% but never greater. This proves that the two photons are not pre-programmed and do not have a fixed spin until measured, but if measured along the same axis they are always opposite. Once the spin on one particle is measured the second entangled particle takes on the opposite spin along the same axis.

This raises strange questions. Was the choice of switching off or on the detector in part one of my article pre-ordained? If so then there is no free will. If the particles are entangled at birth and yet free to choose their spin until measurement, what is reality? By the way despite our Indian habit of entangling all inventions to our scriptures and philosophy, quantum physics has nothing to do with the dance of Shiva, Buddhism or Taoism. If you still believe the opposite, you should nominate me for the Nobel Prize in physics, as I have found two large particles (human beings) entangled at a distance of 9000 miles. They are the president of the US (Bush or Obama) and Manmohan Singh. As soon as a mere thought passes through the president's mind, Manmohan Singh immediately and spontaneously does the same thing not the opposite.

  1. Iran despite not in violation of the NPT should be referred to the IAEA.
    Manmohan Singh'Yes Sahib
  2. India's Petroleum minister Aiyar should be fired for promoting the IPI gas pipeline.
    Manmohan Singh'Jee Huzoor
  3. India must sign the Civil Nuclear Deal without any guarantees of supply, promise of enrichment technology and agree to intrusive inspections of its nuclear facilities.
    Manmohan Singh' Jo Hukoom or I will fall on my sword.
  4. Pakistan is a victim of terror not its source.
    Manmohan Singh in Havana 'India and Pakistan are friends and both are victims of terror.
  5. Obama thinks India must resume talks with Pakistan to get the US out of the Afghan fire.
    Manmohan Singh 'Yes Bwana (at Egypt NAM meeting). What Pakistan does to us in Kashmir is like what we do to it in Baluchistan. India Pakistan Bhai Bhai!
  6.  Fire Kamal Nath from the trade portfolio. He is unwilling to resuscitate the Doha round and agree to our unfair trade practices.
    Manmohan Singh 'OK Boss, done.
  7. We have the right to inspect any arms that you buy from us at exorbitant prices and you need our permission to use them even after you have fully paid for them. We have the right to use your ports, airfields and you have to supply us what we need during war, if necessary. So sign the End User Arms Agreement now.
    Manmohan Singh' Bows head and agrees
  8. You will not get any nuclear enrichment technology as we have changed the terms of the civilian nuclear treaty at the recent G8 meeting.
    Manmohan Singh --Your wish is my thought. I will give up my nation's agreements without restriction (with Russia) to be entangled with you as your subordinate. Your foreign policy is mine. I know you are in debt up to your gazoos to China and will not help India if China attacks us, but I will abandon old friends for the entanglement with you.

One psychologist friend said to me My diagnosis is wrong and the above is not quantum entanglement. Maybe Manmohan Singh has no free will and he is a Zombie (Look up psychological definition of Zombie). Another friend who is a comedian said, maybe Manmohan Singh is playing the part of a ventriloquist's dummy. Simultaneously, all three of us said 'you have got to hand it to Sonia. She is like the nuclear strong force which increases with distance, unlike gravity, electromagnetism and the weak force, so she can throw her voice to large distances and alter it to sound like that of a man. 

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