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A Wayward Chit-chat at a Barbershop

I have the habit of scratching the surface of all the major scriptures of the world such as Bible, Avesta, Koran and all that. I dipped into the fascinating tribal lore of Asia, Africa, America, and Australia about creation of the world and the belief in the pantheon of numerous gods and demigods. In the process, I picked up an interesting piece of nugget from the Koran. I hope this will be a rhapsody to the male ears.  If a male Muslim goes to “Jannat” he is entitled to seventy two exquisite virgins known as ‘Hurs or Houris”, endowed with eternal youth. They will never grow old. And I wanted to undertake a field test of my newly acquired knowledge.

Soon I got an opportunity. Next time I went to a barber shop, a twenty something young boy attended me. It is also my habit to pick a conversation easily with anyone. As he was wielding his scissors I asked him.

What is your name?

Rafiq Ahmed.

Where do you belong to?

Gorakhpur, U.P.

Your education?

Up to fourth not much. 

Read Koran?

Yes Saab.

Okay now, tell me Rafiq Mia how many “Hurs” you will get when you go to heaven?

A red tinge of blush whipped past across his face.” How can I say Saab. That depends entirely on the magnanimity of Allah.” I was surprised to know that he was posted with the correct information.

Do you observe Roza? It was during the month of Ramzan.

Yes Saab.

Do you offer Namaz?

Yes Saab.

You seem to be a good Muslim, you should get a full quota of seventy two.

That I can’t say Saab. Evading further queries he preferred to tell me a story.

There is a very pious Muslim, Habibullah  by name. Actual name I forgot now. He narrated in the present tense as if he is still alive. He is well versed in the Koran, offers namaz five times a day, keeps all the Rozas, does not drink or smoke, participates in religious discourses and is well known for his various philanthropic works. Once he assessed that his good work will entitle him upto forty Hurs. One day he prayed, “Hey Allah! Please grant my entitlement of forty hurs in this world itself. Why keep me waiting till I go to 'jannat?” The Allah listened to his prayer and granted forty Hurs as per his wish.

One day when he lifted his face after offering midday namaz he saw a woman of incomparable beauty, in her full-blown youth standing in front of him. In his utter astonishment he asked, “Who are you?”

“I am a Hur sent by Allah as per your wish. Thirty nine more are in line waiting behind me.”

So Habibulla got forty Hurs here in this world as reward for his pious deeds. After narrating a real life story a glow of satisfaction flashed across his face.

Do you believe this story to be true?

People say, it is true Saab. They say that they have even seen them. I think it is true.

Impressed by his innocence and gullibility I opted not to shake his confidence.


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