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Fame and Popularity

Literature and culture are created every second in any civilized society. And the creators must learn to enjoy creation more and also are contented if known around their place of living and not necessarily through the globe. Conductors f world conferences may not know their existence at all.

Though this expression appears to profess satisfaction in limitation, the reality is it is not possible for any and every creator to be popular through the globe; and even in one's own area, district, region, state, or nation. Before globalization to this much extent, creators are famous around their region and state and it was giving satisfaction, popularity and livelihood to some of them.

Now a days, in these times of internet reach and other technological advances, famous are becoming more famous, popular become more popular, rich earners are becoming more rich and no scope is available to most of the rest of the creators.

This situation is a boon to some successful creators of any fine-arts wing and not so for most others of same genre but less popular or famous. The earlier generations' contentment of being known around their region is gone and in its place a mood of non-recognition and lack of encouragement is experienced by many creators.

But we should also look into the quality of creation too. But when mediocre creations are praised and "recognized", the quality of creation is not being considered at all in most cases. Thus it may be wise and prudent for creators in all fine-arts wings to find contentment in creation most and enjoy if popularity, fame and money visit, as they are not solely dependent on quality of creation.

No one really know and can explain which quality makes works famous and "great". Observation informs that this fame and popularity like becoming rich and wealthy acquiring various materialistic assets are more fate-determined, luck-dependent than the merits of the creator or his/her creation.

And very few are capable of assessing a work objectively. In these realistic situations it is highly advisable to enjoy creation and leave rest to luck if one is not dependent on his creation for his/her livelihood. Living like a saint or seer by not expecting any from one's creation is next to impossible for many but there is no alternative.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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