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The Running Train

Running Train can fill you with gratitude toward God. As the same time it is nostalgic. Let us see how.

Most of the times, we are stationary in our lives. Be it at home, at work, at some project site, or at some shop purchasing something.

Fasten a bit. You will find yourself walking on the streets, riding a bike, driving a car. It is only when you travel in a train, you get a sense of speed. Things move very fast when you look outside the window.

It is not the physics of speed and time, that I want you to get a sense of ! Get a sense of plethora of gifts that God has provided to mankind.

You see long stretches of paddy fields; within few seconds, you see a river which has shortened its breadth, and is probably still. There are few other man made structures before you can spot that river. Perhaps it is a rivulet. Birds, very small in size, can be seen hovering over that rivulet.

Science says, birds communicate with their own signals, not heard by manual ears. I wonder what they are communicating.

Before I can comeprehend this, very tall trees pass by. They are green. Slightly needle shapped leaves. Not sure, if they are the same trees which are famously located n Kashmir. But how can they be present here ?

Similar images flash by. You don't get a sense of, an understanding of many things; but you do get a sense of God's benevolent attitude towards mankind.

Speed is a great leveller. You sync with God's gifts, which otherwise is not possible or difficult.

I wonder mankind leapfrogging into space with speed. What is highlighted is scientific understanding of space; but what I believe is mankind being in sync in God's gifts.


More by :  Kumar Kinchit

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