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Animals... Flash Fiction

I went walking out. I went a bit too far out. Then I saw dawn and dusk. I saw the night skies, I went and travelled to mountains.

But I could not distinguish day from night.

And roses bloomed, and the sunflower with drooping head, told me a story of  sun burnt brooks, and riverines of hope. I saw the brook babbling and the crows cawing. They were dark, blackened and sun burnt. I could not tolerate their insistent raucous cawing. They seemed to symbolize montony, if not despair...

Then I met the proverbial  wily fox, who took me on an ascent - to hope, freedom. The fox spun a yarn about grapes being sour.

I lived in the animal kingdom for years. They seemed happier than us. That was when I read the book: 'Animal Farm'.

I lived in a farm of  men who were like animals. I liked that because I like animals, their instincts and patterned behaviour.

This is a story I narrate to my children every day.

They are: five, seven and eight.

And, now they love animals...


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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