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A house is not a physical entity made up of bricks, mortar etc. but it is a living structure – something that derives energy and life from the sum total of shared moments, joys, pains and sufferings of the inhabitants there experience of life within it & a retrospection of moments lived outside. All the mental and emotional states of a human being find expression in the closed structure that’s called house which becomes home by now.
What infuses life into it? Why a place becomes so dear to a person? If everything is to rot & decay, come to ruin, get dilapidated then why does a person feel inherent loss, if s/he is thrown out of a habitation perhaps this is called maya in the Hindu philosophy – a deep sense of attachment to the illusory worldly things which obstruct the path to a man’s spiritual progress (the salvation) which as most scriptures say can be achieved only through detachment.
Lord Krishna had set an example before the ordinary mortals. He loved Vrindavana – the place associated with his childhood feats and his friends – the cowherds and the gopis. He left the place without any trail of sorrow. Lord Rama also changed different abodes in the pursuit of the aim for which, he incarnated. But such detachment is possible only for divinity. Ordinary mortals feel a pang when their residence is snatched from them.
Once I saw an eagle sitting on the top branches of a tree very close to another bird’s nest and the parent bird was continuously fluttering wings & flying over the eagle’s head may be to inflict wound with its paws. After all an eagle can’t snatch its nest on a tree which is made by a divine power but human beings don’t seem to realize this. They proudly display their wealth. They ruin nations in order to add more area to their territories forgetting that their graves need only a few yards of land and the property they consider theirs belongs to the ultimate master.  
Birds migrate to distant lands to survive through tough climatic conditions and most of them return to their homeland after a brief stay in an alien place and many of them are intelligent enough to return to the same nests. Cows also love their homes. They prefer being milked at the same place and by the same master. There is an old Indian proverb which says that one has to go to a place the grain and water of which he has to partake as it is destined. Death also keeps its place. And rootedness to this place becomes the chief factor in causing attachment. It is very difficult to leave one’s home, native place or homeland but providence has strange ways. It knows how to adjust and acclimatize a person to a new place.             


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